Sam Sotoodeh; A Shrewd Business Person and a Ferocious Leader

Sam Sotoodeh is an American businessman who currently serves as the president of the Acquisition Group, Inc. This business has invested in diverse sectors including securities investment, real estate and oil and gas as an international business arbiter. Sam Sotoodeh has a degree in economics from California State University Fullerton and a MBA from Cornell University.

As president of the Acquisition Group, Sam Sotoodeh expressed his confidence in their recent purchase of the News & Observer building in North Carolina’s capital. He believes that the business showed potential of growing and performing well. It took time for Acquisition group to acquire the building and it required a lot of attempts and patience. Eventualy, the building that hosts a newspaper was bought at $22 million from the state.

The media company, McClatchy Company made the deal with Sotoodeh who terms the transition of the ownership as a pleasant one. Sam Sotoodeh and his company hope to transform the location by coming up with a mixed use project that favors everyone.

The Acquisition Group benefits largely from Sam Sotoodeh’s vast knowledge of international business to lead its operations all over the world. The president of Raleigh news and observer praised Sotoodeh’s leadership skills during the Raleigh negotiations. The new site they have purchased has numerous advantages including being adjacent to popular restaurants, bars and shops with an attractive ambience. The new development under Sotoodeh’s leadership aims at enhancing the existing projects that will bring new life to downtown Raleigh.

Before embarking on the project, Sotoodeh and his team consulted widely with leaders and members of society about their mixed- use project. The idea was largely accepted after the careful negotiations. Sotoodeh is very efficient in his leadership due to the nature of training that he undertook at his undergraduate and post-graduate training. Sotoodeh did further postgraduate studies at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University where he acquired useful negotiation skills that played a crucial part in the purchasing of the News and Observer building by Acquisition Group.

Under the leadership of Sotoodeh, the Acquisition group has been able to form joint ventures both nationally and internationally.

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