Sharon Prince Invites You to Connect With Nature

Grace Farms offers guests many programs at its Connecticut location free of charge. A visit gives you the opportunity to get closer to nature, experience the arts, or take in inspiration through its guest speakers and other visitors who also seek these incredibly engaging offerings. Not to be forgotten are the nature center, gym, chapel, and community garden. The 80 acres that make up Grace Farms are always ready to please with its lush settings during any time of the year. Warmer months provide activities such as catch-and-release fishing, hiking trails where you can take in the native flora and fauna, and other exploration programs both structured and unstructured.

Colder months are not lacking in activities. Fall weather opens the door to experience the magic of the changing foliage perfect for photography or a relaxing walk to get your mind off your busy day. You can even take in one of the tours offered that attempts to expose you and your loved ones to the science behind the transitions of autumn. More nature hikes are offered even as the air becomes much colder during winter. Visitors enjoy tracking animals in the fresh white powder while others enjoy the beautiful landscape for more photo-ops. Bird watching is also popular during these months because of the active birds of prey that make Grace Farms home.

Ms. Sharon Prince, founder of Grace Farms is busy with many different entrepreneurial business dealings. She is a married mother of three and for the most part, fills the shoes as acting executive director of the farm. She also holds an M.B.A. from The University of Tulsa.

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