Southridge Capital Keeps Connecticut Financially Connected

Southridge Capital is a Private Equity group of companies that have made a name in Connecticut as the people’s choice for securities and financial advice. The firm offers a wide range of financial services and solutions including consultancy on how to start companies and transform them into public entities. The company has invested over $81.8 billion in companies on the growth trajectory. So far, Southridge has funded over 250 listed companies.

Southridge Capital Services

As mentioned earlier in the introductory part of this piece, Southridge Capital offers its customers a wide range of financial services. Some of the basics include asset financing, consultancy on how to manage companies, documentation and financial policy matters. It also has helped organizations tune up their financial dealings until they realize a streamlined balance sheet. Southridge Capital is so popular among the Connecticut people, perhaps because it deals with both corporate and individual clients.

Southridge Capital Organizational Leadership Structure

Southridge Capital is headed by Mr. Stephen Hicks as its CEO. The CEO is in charge of developing business in the firm. According to, the CEO bears the company’s vision. He looks around and helps the board to identify the possible areas of business. He is also charged with the powers to sanction and commission important company projects with the permission of the board members. The Chief Financial Officer is Mr. Narine Persuad. The CFO is charged with managing cash at the firm and supervising accounting processes. The company has an important office called the Research Division. The research Division is extremely important because it is the one charged with advising the company on the facts regarding projects that the organization is either in the process of implementing or intends to carry out. The man in charge of the Research Division at Southridge is called Mr. Laurence J Ditkoff. He oversees valuations and other relevant research processes intended to validate the activities of the organization.

How Southridge Keeps is clientele Satisfied

Southridge Capital has a simplified way of asset financing and financial solutions. It has a team of highly trained experts who adjust the products according to the clients that seek assistance. It is run on the basis of respect for all clients and is inspired by fact-based advice from the market; thanks to its Research Division. Follow Southridge Capital on Facebook.

Heal N Soothe — The Secret Remedy

There is no secret remedy for back pain, and plenty of doctors would advocate patients to stop trying to find one. It is often troublesome to measure pain; however, there’s a way. You should seek pain mitigation if your pain is sever enough to interfere with your daily life. There is help. If you ease your pain, then life becomes bearable once more. Heal ‘n Soothe is a naturally flavored supplement that has the potential to bring an end your suffering. It was developed by an organization that has made organic supplements their specialty. The capsule is 100% natural. The ingredients are sourced straight from the planet. The concept is that the planet produces higher concentrations of the components needed for pain assistance than any laboratory will produce. Heal ‘n Soothe won’t cause any unwanted addictions or end in liver injury.
Many folks have tried Heal n’ Soothe. They have had totally different experiences. Several have found the supplement to be favorable to their conditions. The pain and inflammatory diseases that they suffer from are often managed with a touch of organic facilitation. The corporate name continues growing; however, Nutraceuticals is providing new customers a shot at trying out their great product to check if they like Heal n’ Soothe. The period of time can show you the way your specific condition reacts with the supplement, and it’ll provide you with the chance to mitigate your joint pain and inflammatory disease. Heal n’ Soothe can still send you supplements till you place the call to cancel your subscription.The 12 ingredients within every capsule can invariably be sourced from the foremost natural herbs. They’re all supplements that move with one another and compliment one another. The result of every herb within Heal ‘n Soothe presents a singular profit to the overall product. Several ingredients are enzymes that defend against pain and inflammation. There are those ingredients that boost immunity and facilitate purifying of the blood. Heal n’ Soothe is totally clear with the quantity of each ingredient they place into every capsule. This is often an excellent supplement for people who are finding out a holistic methodology for treatment of pain. The company prides itself on consumer safety and customer care. The natural ingredients have an excellent historical record of providing assistance to people who needed something natural. Heal n’ Soothe is the supplement of choice for many people, and if you give it a try you may like it!

The Child Victims Act in a nutshell, courtesy of Herman Law Firm

Sexual abuse is a continual struggle for American culture, as we continue to cope with the after effects. Sexual abuse can destroy lives, both of the victim and the victim’s loved ones. Many times, the victim is so completely shattered by the trauma of this experience that they will not press any charges against the offender. However, when a victim has the courage to face their attacker in a court of law, its the men and women of law firms that stand beside them. One such saint is Jeff Herman, founder and owner of Herman Law, a firm in Boca Raton, Florida. Herman has become an international name as an advocate for victims of rape, and sexual abuse and/or exploitation. Over the years, Herman has helped countless people, and has become particularly well known for helping children, being trained in methods that help alleviate some pressure off the young victims.
In a recent blog post on the Herman Law website, gazette staff writer Thomas McCarthy highlights the struggle faced by Corey Feldman, actor, and the USA volleyball player Sarah Powers in their continued push for the passing of the Child Victims Act. Specifically, the two are putting pressure on Senate Republicans to pass the act. This bill will eliminate the statutes of limitations in regards to child sex abuse cases in the state of New York in both civil and criminal courts. The current statute for civil court allows for a limit of five years to report the crime and press the charges. After the five years, it is no longer possible to pursue the case. This length of time shortens if the offender is a part of an organization, like a professor in a school or a priest at a church. When it comes to criminal courts, the five year window for pressing charges only applies once the victim has turned eighteen, so he or she has until they are twenty-three to press charges. This bill would eliminate these statutes, allowing for a victim of sexual abuse to have an indefinite amount of time to press charges, whether it is twenty days after the event, or twenty years.
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Principal Of Fortress Investment Group: Peter Bridger

In the year of 2007 a significant event occurred. This event was the initial public offering of the United States of America’s first private equity investment firm. This marked the first time that a private equity investment firm with the publicly traded company in the history of our nation. At the time of its debut on public markets one man Peter Bridger became a billionaire. At the time he owned 66 million shares of the company that together created a total valuation of greater than $2 billion. However this has not always been the case as today stock of the company is down by 74% since the initial public offering. Although this may seem like a significant loss to his net worth Peter Bridger continues to operate at a high level in the world of alternative asset management.

He originally began his career at Goldman Sachs one of the largest financial industry corporations in the world. He worked at Goldman Sachs for 15 years as a partner for the company. In 2002 he left Goldman Sachs in order to join Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group brought Peter Bridger on to their team in an effort to diversify the company’s holdings away from its primary business in private equity. Today Peter Bridger serves as the principle of fortress and is a cochairman of the board of directors for the corporation. He has managed to build himself a substantial amount of wealth through trading assets the other individuals did not want. He is always specialized in the purchasing of distressed debt. He cultivated that the specialty during his time and his tenure at Goldman Sachs.

While he was there he managed to create a significant amount of revenue for the corporation, however he felt that he was undervalued and left the corporation.After leaving Goldman Sachs and becoming a member of Fortress Investment Group Peter Bridger was able to raise over $4.7 billion for the company during the first quarter of this year. This is representative of over 87% of all funds that have been raised by Fortress Investment Group during this quarter. Peter Bridger has been able to generate significant returns utilizing distressed assets in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. By purchasing assets and a hefty discount due to corporations and businesses not being able to make payments on time he has been able to generate returns of up to 25% on his investments.

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Securus Technologies Creates Drone Technology Detection

Many correctional facilities began to reach out because more law enforcement personnel has been more reluctant to work in a correctional institute because the risk doesn’t outweigh the pay. Securus Technologies one of the top 3 inmate calling providers in the network, continues to exemplify secure calls with trademark surveillance and monitoring. They’ve continued to use the same technology used to monitor other networks under the approval of the state Public Utility Commission. Securus is a recognized inmate calling network used among over 346,000+ customers nationwide. Join the popular Securus Technologies inmate calling network on their web portal for exclusive features and services.


New Securus Technology; Drone Detection

Drone detection technology allows you to safely secure all facility from drones flying overhead. Their technology allows correctional officers to focus on the things that are important to the adult operations of a correctional facility. Their advanced technology will intercept a drone mid flight. They won’t need to i stall any technology in tube facility because Securus will access the drone detection device from their base headquarters. They’re currently testing the device at a few test facilities, but the technology has yet, to be released and is reported as useful technology.


Crime Prevention At Securus

Securus CEO, John Holt, says, crime often times, starts at the telecommunication level and proper crime prevention measures can help improve the safety of many high risk facilities. His crime prevention model is suppose to stop the threat of contraband by won estimated 36%. The reduction in necessary staff to reduce crime will also stop illegal inmate trading, gambling, and drugs, and alcohol. He has been able to successfully propose his crime prevention initiative to their stockholders and Securus partners. They’ve given their patrons the opportunity to report crimes directly on their website.


Securus Technologies; Preferred Services & Features

Inmate Email

Send an email to an inmate with a virtual stamp option available in bundles by Securus. The inmate email is as easy as a traditional email; you would ordinarily send to your friends, family, or business colleagues. You can also attach photos to your email and send photos and more.


Remote Visitation

Get the remote visitation option to avoid those very uncomfortable, but necessary facility searches. You can visit an inmate online for a small fee and a compatible device including your smartphone. You must also be a legal adult with a valid payment method to use the remote Securus Technologies feature.

Join the popular Securus Technologies network today and save money on your inmate calls. Thousands of customers have made the switch to Securus to stay connected over a trusted network that is also affordable.


Jeremy Goldstein is Bring a New View to the Law Field

Nowadays, when it comes to law issues you sometimes find yourself not knowing exactly who you can or cannot trust. This can especially be true if you have a serious law matter that you are trying to get help with. For this exact reason, Jeremy L. Goldstein strives every day to make sure that all of his clients know that their legal matters are in excellent hands. He knows that there is no better feeling than knowing that a client picks him to handle their cases for them. Learn more:


When Jeremy Goldstein first started out on his career path he never imagined how far it would take him. It was only a few years into his career that he began practicing in New York City. Goldstein was very grateful for this experience and it allowed him to learn even more within his field.


When Jeremy Goldstein first started working with a variety of clients he did not exactly know what to expect, however, he did know that he wanted to do the best job that he possibly could do. Once he had built up his experience working with a variety of clients he knew that it was finally time that he took the next leap in his career. At the time he did not exactly know what he wanted his next move to be but he knew that he wanted it to be something that would allow his career to continue growing. Finally a few years later he decided that he wanted to open up his very own law firm.


From the very beginning he knew that working his own firm would be hard work, however, he knew that it was all going to fully be worth it in the end. His law firm happened to of been called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. It is at his law firm that they believe in helping with being able to advise a large variety of clients. They state that through advising a variety of individuals this allows the law from to be able to help more people with their cases. This in return allows the firm to be able to grow their reputation even more. When Goldstein first started his career he never thought that he would end up with his own firm one day. However, he has shown many individuals that with hard work and dedication that anything is possible to achieve.

Dr. David Samadi, Prostate Cancer Surgeon

Cancer is among the list of diseases that have proven most difficult to cure in the medical world. However, with proper medical guidance and treatment, healing it proves not to be a challenge. Dr. David Samadi is one of the world’s famous prostate cancer doctors with tons of experience in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases like kidney, prostate and bladder cancer. Dr. David Samadi specializes in the advanced treatment of prostate cancer with the latest technological treatments.

He began his medical journey in the year 1994 when he studied for his masters in Urology. He later studied a postgraduate in proctology in 1996. From there, he began practicing and then over the years scaled the career ladder to become the highest paid doctor in the year 2012, across New York City. His groundbreaking work as the chair of the urology and robotic surgery is what put him on top of the list in his career.

With his accomplishments in the medical field, he can offer advice to people when it comes to health matters from health insurance, to how proposed legislation can affect the health industry among other topics. He provides his skilled advice as a guest on Fox News. However, what further put him in the limelight was his information on prostate cancer when famous politician was affected. The patient in question was Mitt Romney, a former presidential candidate for the Republicans.

During Mitt’s treatment period, Dr. David Samadi got to share a few insights about prostate cancer. The ideas of prostate cancer included facts like older men were likely to suffer from prostate cancer than younger men. He later went on to explain the right method of treating prostate cancer. A majority of patients are torn between the surgery option of treatment or radiation.

He gave the pros of each treatment and when a specific treatment would be better. However, for him, the best treatment method would be surgery over radiation. The main reason is that people who undergo radiotherapy are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer. He later went ahead to talk about the success of the surgery on former Republican presidential candidate.

Currently, Dr. David Samadi focuses his energy on informing men about prostate cancer. He gives them in-depth knowledge about the signs and treatment options available. The reason for his comprehensive knowledge campaign is due to the sudden increase of prostate cases across America.

Beto O’Rourke Looks To End Citizens United To Overcome Ted Cruz In The 2018 Midterms

In the weeks prior to the 2017 Holiday season the political action committee, End Citizens United announced their campaign to reform the biased election finance rules in the U.S. had resulted in them targeting a number of Republican politicians known for accepting the largest donations from special interest groups. Although many of those targeted by the traditional PAC established in 2015 were in marginal constituencies the names of House Speaker Paul Ryan and former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz stood out as of great importance.

The Texas Senate seat of Ted Cruz is now the site of a close election battle between the incumbent Republican and former House Representative for El Paso, Beto O’Rourke which is drawing closer with each passing day. Now endorsed by End Citizens United, O’Rourke is polling closer to the level of Cruz, who many believe is largely defeating himself with a low approval rating which sees 49 percent of Texas voters disapprove of his work in Washington. This high disapproval rating for Senator Cruz has seen the gap between himself and his Democrat challenger fall since the end of 2017 when it stood at 18 percentage points to just eight points by February 2018.

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Recent polling by End Citizens United has identified the major issue for Beto O’Rourke as a lack of understanding about the platform he is standing for in the forthcoming November election; a high number of voters did not know the reasons why O’Rourke is standing but when his anti-“big money” in politics views were explained he took a two percent lead in polls. The irony of the latest election campaign is Ted Cruz initially shocked Texas by standing as part of a grassroots campaign begun within the “Tea Party” which did not include funding from major PACs or special interest groups.

Over the course of his eight-year career in Washington D.C., Cruz has seen a major change in the way he conducts his campaigning with the focus now placed firmly on special interest groups. Cruz is reported to have accepted at least $1.3 million in funding from Special interest groups and remains committed to accepting this form of funding for the long-term despite the fact the majority of voters are now looking at the 2010 Citizens United decision as a reason for the problems affecting the nation according to The campaign of Beto O’Rourke is now focusing squarely on the finance issue following the decision of Ted Cruz to vote for the major tax breaks received by the wealthiest in the land under the Bill put forward by The White House.

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Rocketship Education Comes to the Rescue

Rocketship Education holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many families in America. Established in 2006, the public charter school system has established many elementary learning centers in impoverished neighborhoods, giving children an educational opportunity they would not have had otherwise.

In many such communities the tax revenues have been depleted to the extent that a quality education for children has simply not been possible. The proprietary and unique methods used by Rocketship Education has revolutionized elementary teaching, proving that all children can learn, and learn well, if the proper methods are used.

Rocketship believes that all children have great potential, it is just that when they are being raised in a poverty environment, it is just more difficult. With the right tools and methods, however, children can learn when they are given the tools.

Rocketship students, called “Rocketeers.” learn how to learn, putting it very simply, by utilizing many visual, digital, and fun exercises along with small group settings, and individual tutoring. The major courses revolve around science, math, reading, and social studies. Other ancillary courses include music, art, dance, cooking, and crafts.

Of course in the lower grades, reading and writing are big topics, but elementary foundations laid early to give a base for more complex lessons later. Along with the academics, students are taught the importance of responsibility, respect, empathy, and persistence, the core values of Rocketship Education. Not only do these traits bear major importance for the children as students, but they are vital for good citizenship.

Each student is given a map that helps them to keep track of their progress at Rocketship. Topics are taught conceptually, then specifically all along the way where different methods of teaching and learning are used to reach mastery at each level. In addition to small groups, digital labs help with the repetition work, utilizing the amazing advantages of technology.

When the results are measured, it is astounding how Rocketship alumni fare. For the Rocketeers who go on to middle school, it has been shown that their test scores are way above their peers in the public schools. The Rocketeers are also better adapted to learning new concepts and are have a higher self-confidence and maturity.

David Samadi Oncology Expertise

Cancer is a terrible medical condition that is slowly getting rid of the current generation. People from many parts of the globe are losing their lives on a daily basis because the disease has spread to numerous body parts, becoming incurable. Medical experts say that this monster disease can only be effectively cured when the patients managed to detect the condition at the first stages. Medical professionals have embraced the new modern technology in numerous operations in the past in a bid to come up with an effective treatment. However, the progress in the oncology department is very slow. The treatments available at the moment can be very harsh on patients who are already weak, and some of them end up losing their lives due to these treatments.

In America, many households have a story to tell concerning a cancer experience. The disease has snatched very many young and old people in the society. A huge number of people are currently fighting the battle too, making cancer a national concern. The American government has invested so much in cancer research so that medical professionals can come up with the treatment that will save many lives. The medical condition does not spare anyone. Even some of the wealthiest and most respected personalities in the world have been treated because of cancer.

Mitt Romney is one of the latest cancer victims in the United States. The politician has vied for the presidential position a couple of times, but he has lost to other candidates. Last year, Mitt Romney came out and made a shocking announcement. The politician stated that he had just undergone a prostate surgery so that he could treat prostate cancer, one of the dangerous cancers in older men in the modern times. According to Romney, he realized that there was a tumor in his prostate gland, and he took action before everything could go out of place. Fortunately, his life was saved before he could get worse.

David Samadi is an oncology expert who is changing the lives of millions of people using his new cancer treatment technologies. Many people, especially men, have been declared cancer-free after receiving cancer treatment from David Samadi. Samadi understands prostate cancer well, and this is why he has been able to deal with numerous cases in the past. Samadi believes that it is possible to eliminate prostate cancer in the modern society so that people can live longer.

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