The RealReal Reason for The Season

Since the holiday season several months ago, The RealReal has been selling a line of beauty products among their standard lines of clothing. After the large success in brick and mortar, The RealReal has decided to make their new fashion line of makeup totally available to their customers, by selling them within online stores as well. At press time Rati Levesque, who is the chief merchant of The RealReal, outlined several of the major reasons for expanding their new line into online.

Firstly, among the reasons provided, was a hope for giving a new line of products, that can assure the same level of quality for their customers, that both compliment their current products and remain on the cutting edge of style alongside their clothing. Ms. Levesque even made mention of their desire as a company to be a trusted destination in all forms of luxury products across all categories, presumably so as not to be limited to a clothing retailer, but instead to become the fashion industry leader they’re shaping up to be.

In addition to their aspirations of expanding the company model, it is also important that The RealReal properly show off the special products and availability in their physical stores, rather than just online. In online stores, it is often difficult for new products to shine on their own, lost in the ease of navigation between products, and the sheer volume of product available. By bringing their entire new line form the Brick and Mortar, loyal customers who got it first are rewarded for their patronage with getting the inside track on the next evolution in The RealReal, while online customers are given a sufficiently noteworthy debut, they will be more apt to give a closer eye to whats hot and whats new from The RealReal.

With The RealReal joining the game on total beauty branding alongside its competition, it seems inevitable that styles will become total and sourced. With the reputation and the prominence of this debut, it would seem The RealReal is in an excellent postion for this coming shift between retailer and trend setter.

How Tim Duncan Of Talos Energy Completed A Merger Despite Hurricane Katrina

Talos Energy Inc. is a Houston-based publically trade company. They explore for oil and then drill for it offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. They have operations in both the Mexican and American sides of the gulf and were one of the first companies in the world allowed to explore for oil in Mexican waters in 50 years after that nation opened up its oil industry beyond the state-run monopoly that had been in place. This company was founded by four business partners who are Timothy S. Duncan, John A. Parker, Stephen E. Heitzman, and John L. Harrison.

Tim Duncan is Talos Energy‘s chief executive officer. He says that like many people he was personally affected by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The streets around his home were unpassable due to rising waters and the power had gone out. He had to wade through water that was waist-high in order to get his wife, his 6-year-old son, and his two dogs as well into a FEMA rescue boat that had arrived to get people out and more

For months prior to this he had been working on a business deal that would transform his company. He wanted to merge his company with another one in the industry, Stone Energy. At the time Talos Energy was privately held while Stone Energy was publically held. By merging with Stone Energy Tim Duncan says that he could take his company public while at the same time not dealing with all of the expenses that go into an initial public offering.

Despite the difficulties going on in his personal life Tim Duncan said that he refused to use Hurricane Harvey as an excuse to not getting this deal done. He was able to get his family flown to Alabama and then he returned to Houston, Texas. He was able to stay at his parents home which was above flood waters. He says that he negotiated the deal with Stone Energy executives from his parent’s dining room table. The deal was concluded in May 2018. Talos Energy now generates $900 million in revenue a year and has $2.3 billion in assets against $700 million it has in debt.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Injectable Specialist

If you are looking for Botox or Dysport, then head to Dr. Walden’s office in Austin, Texas. She can gladly help get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles. Our face ages rapidly when we smoke, stay out in the sun, or do nothing to cut the dry skin. This can cause wrinkles to form. Dr. Walden has procedures in her office that don’t require surgery that will treat these areas and give you a youthful appearance.

These treatments used in Dr. Walden’s office are Botox and Dysport. Both of these are very effective and will have you looking young in no time. Botox Cosmetic reduces and eliminates frown lines with other wrinkles in the skin that come with aging. Your skin will look rejuvenated and refreshed once the treatments are done. Botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure. Within six months, you will have little to no facial lines. Also, there is no downtime and hardly any discomfort. This injectable procedure will even get rid of crows feet which are underneath the eyes. Not only does this treat wrinkles but migraines, muscle spasms, and chronic back and jaw pain.

Dysport treats the wrinkle-causing muscles in the face. Small amounts of Dysport is injected into the areas where the wrinkles are. It’s effective for treating crows feet, smokers lines, forehead wrinkles, and frown lines between the eyebrows. Results last for 12 to 16 weeks. So if you need to do the procedure again, come back to Dr. Walden’s office. Dysport is used to treat wrinkles caused by muscle contractions. If you need something different, Dr. Walden suggests a dermal filler. Taking care of the fine lines and wrinkles in your face are easier than you thought. Make an appointment with the doctor to start your treatment.

Paul Herdsman And The Keys To A Successful Business

Dedication and hard work can build a successful business. Paul Herdsman possesses those qualities and the know how to run a successful business. He is the co-founder of the company NICE Global. NICE Global opened in 2014 and is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Paul Herdsman was born in Jamaica but currently resides in Florida. The company is doing great and Paul is happy with the decision to station the business in Jamaica.


NICE Global, led by Paul Herdsman helps companies to retain and gain more customers, lower their overhead costs, and increase their revenue. NICE offers these companies with technical support in all areas. One common complaint from the United States customer base is having to deal with automated services that cause the customers frustrations to rise. NICE offers an answering service that ensures that customers get a live agent every time a call is placed.


Paul Herdsman went into this business knowing that several key components were needed. Creating a culture within the workplace is essential. Creating a happy workplace that looks after its employees keeps employee turn around low. If the employees are happy, the need to move on won’t be there. Investing in their employees is another key component. Paul Herdsman knows that a company can hire anyone all day long to fill a position. But in order to be business smart, proper training and the given tools needed can help both the employee and the business be successful. See This Page to learn more.


Incentives is another key factor. Incentives are given to employees based on their performances. It isn’t based on how many emails are sent or presentations given, instead it is based on positive results the company is getting from an employee’s performance. Referral programs help bring new talent to the company and keeps the company’s vibe to be more like a work family.

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Why Bruno Fagali Is the Man to Handle Your Legal Business Matters

If you find yourself in Brazil and need of a lawyer, then you need to consider the services of a renowned lawyer. A single reputable lawyer would get you out of a messy business legal issue. This is none other than Bruno Fagali. This is one of the most trusted and competent lawyers in the country. Numerous organizations, as well as individuals, trust Bruno Fagali with services. He is the one guy you can be sure will do right by his client.

When you are in one of those tough legal positions, it’s advisable to contact Bruno. He has numerous years of experience. This makes him your most appropriate choice. He can help you argue that tough case out because he believes in getting favorable outcomes for his clients. If you are running a business in Brazil, it is essential for you to know how you could handle complex legal or business issue when it comes. Without a lawyer with incomparable knowledge on business legal matters, you may be forced to close down your business because of something you could have avoided using a lawyer like Bruno Fagali.

Bruno Fagali is one of those guys who has understood the legal system and has a deep understanding of how things are run in the country. You will find that most investors seek his advice when they want to invest in the country. This is because most of them have already realized that he offers winning remarks and lasting solutions. He is a master in dispute resolution, and even those who oppose him can attest to his ability to find a way out of tightest of legal complications.

Not all men are born equal. Among the lawyers find in Brazil, Bruno Fagali seems to be more informed about the legal procedures and a lawyer with unique skills. He has made a name for himself. It is never easy to leave a lasting impression with your clients when you are a lawyer. Anyone who ever handed over their case to Bruno fails to comprehend his skills and abilities, and also how he influences a positive outcome in court in most instances. Bruno is highly liked and respected on law matters. Any individual looking forward to working closely with a competent attorney who cares about their clients looks for Bruno.

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The Chainsmokers Release “Somebody” Video by Rory Kramer

What’s in a Hit Song?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear a new hit song? Maybe there are some of us who know the elements of music well enough to understand the basics; on the other hand, we are still left in the dark regarding the creative methods the individual artist uses to craft their hits.

“Somebody” Single Released

The Chainsmokers just released another single on April 20th, “Somebody.” The single drew lots of attention coming on the heels of another released (January 17, 2018) single off their Disruptor Records label, “Sick Boy.” Both “Sick Boy” and “Somebody” was released with videos. According to Taggart and Pall, the process of the two songs was produced with a different message in mind.

Two Songs Linked

In one tweet explaining the meaning os “Somebody” as “talks about the struggle and importance of staying true to yourself while everyone else around you is focused on surrounding themselves with material objects.” On the other hand, the previous single, released 90 days earlier, the message for “Sick Boy” was “a song about self-identity in today’s world and standing tall in the face of what you can and can’t control.” The spectrum is broad and deep, ranging from self-identity versus materialism to maintaining belief in oneself while displaying pride, confidence, and fortitude.

“Somebody” “instructional video” Released

Drew Taggart and Adam Pall released a shorter “in-house” studio video for “Somebody,” which was meant to be an instructive video. Taggart turns to Pall, while pulling from a smartphone recording of the original “Somebody” melody, that it was originally a few semitones lower than the final version. Taggart immediately plays the melody transposed with the other instrumentation.

The Chainsmokers (2012)

The EDM-Pop duo have been turning out Billboard hits like “Closer,” “Don’t Let me Down,” and now “Somebody,” which reached #5 on the Billboard “Bubbling under Hot 100 Singles.” Taggart and Pall promised their fans another video explaining in more detail some exciting footage about the “Official” video. In a few hours a video was uploaded which was the work of a long time collaborator of the Chainsmokers, Rory Kramer. The Kramer Vision Video was released on June 9th, as promised by Taggart and Pall earlier to their fans.

Why Was End Citizens United Founded

In 2010, when the United States Supreme Court ruled that Citizens United could exist the political system for the country changed forever. The consequences and actions of this ruling are still unfolding in American politics. This court cases is like many other few court cases that change the landscape of politics. For example, in 1857 the Dred Scott v. Sandford in 1857 case and the Roe v. Wade case of 1973 and the Brown v. Board of Education court ruling 1954, were all monumental court rulings that changed the way American politics and society function. Along with those cases is the Citizens United case. However, not everyone believes this ruling case in favor of Citizens United was a positive and productive choice for American society. So, End Citizens United was formed to battle the effects of Citizens United.

End Citizens United has employed a strategy to legally overturn the doings of the super PAC Citizens United. The End Citizens United has a process with two steps. Step number one is support. The group believes in strongly supporting candidates that are willing to back up, create and enforce finance laws regarding political campaigns. Secondly, the group uses certain efforts to help abolish Citizens United. Currently, the group does not get much support from the Republican party. Therefore, the group mainly focuses on working with candidates of the Democratic party.

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End Citizens United is a grassroots funded group. The money raised for the group to operate is typically donated through digital platforms. The coalition of donating individuals are all focused on fundraising to go towards a common goal. They are political activists. These people start out working on a small, local level. Their efforts move up a chain to a national loop of feedback, activism and efforts to combat the doings of Citizens United.

With only a few months left before the 2018 midterm election, End Citizens United is working very had to show support for candidates who abide by finance laws. Their grassroots funds are going towards candidates that are pro reform. With the average single donation being fourteen dollars from donors, the thirty five million dollar amount of funds donated to the group for these candidates will surely make a difference in the upcoming 2018 midterm election.

The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Tells All

With the release of their brand new single “Closer” Alex Pall has stepped up to answer some questions, and tell more about The Chainsmokers. “Closer” is a bit different from their regular tracks because of one thing. It features Andrew Taggart, the other half of The Chainsmokers, singing.

Alex Pall reveals that growing up he was a DJ. At first it was just a hobby and side career than anything he thought he would make a living from. Eventually he realized that dance music was taking over every part of his life. If he didn’t give it a real shot, he was going to regret it. The manager that The Chainsmokers now work with, introduced him to Andrew Taggart, and they immediately hit it off. Taggart was just finishing college when he was given the opportunity to meet Alex. Within 4 years they were in the big scene.

They both hit it off immediately. They knew they would work because they both had the same drive and ambition. They would get together every day from 9AM to 7PM and work on their music as well as creating an identity around themselves for marketing. More than anything, they always are pushing themselves harder, and farther, to become better artists. Pall calls it a journey of self discovery.

The biggest thing they can attribute to their success is the moment they realized that they didn’t want to make just plain old dance music. They wanted something that could actually blur the lines between all their favorite genres. The Chainsmokers are a mix of indie, pop, dance, and hip hop.

Despite it being rather unique for them to sing in their own music, Alex Pall treats it like no big deal. Pall says the difference between them and other dance music is that most other dance music artists don’t write their own songs, while Pall and Taggart strive to be part of the process every step of the way. Now they are working on putting together a cohesive album that tells a story which is another step away from the traditional dance album.

Discover How Vijay Eswaran Thrived In Business amid Economic Crisis

Most of the great people you will ever meet in life have started something that benefits others. It’s amazing to realize how selfless the most successful people like Vijay Eswaran are, and how well they think about others. As the chairman and founder of QI Group, Vijay Eswaran has proved it’s possible to raise your business or company from any level and make it what you want to see. The multi-business company he leads has created an immense presence in several sectors. Hospitality, education, financial services, retail, and direct selling are some of the sectors his company has impacted. This Malaysian businessman established QNET, a flagship subsidiary, in 1998.

The flagship subsidiary has now become a global company with its main offices in Europe, Australia, and United States. One significant achievement Vijay Eswaran has made through this subsidiary is merging the e-commerce model with the traditional sales methods. Vijay noted people had the power and access to direct sales, but it needed to be integrated with the global Internet. However, Vijay says the direct selling model had to be tested and tried before being used. He wanted it to be compatible with the emerging e-commerce platform before his clients could use it.

He looked for something to sell that would make them exceptional from the other businesses. He had discovered that precious metals and numismatics model were the best for them since the European market strategies had started to thrive. Vijay and his team participated in the Sydney 2000 Olympics in 1998 by selling commemorative coins. However, Vijay and his team didn’t compete effectively since they had no ample time to get familiar with the market space. This didn’t hinder them from being the 3rd sales-volume distributors among the 42 competing distributors.

Vijay says anything worth doing has challenges that encompass it. He said by the time he was venturing into this industry, Asia was in some economic crisis. The worst was that Vijay had no funding from anybody, family, or even connections to depend on or use. However, his conviction that life would one day get better wasn’t freezing. He succeeded later in a way he couldn’t explain. That’s when he discovered that just the way shadow and light are interwoven, challenges and success are interwoven.

Dr. Dov Rand is an expert at keeping the young, young

The process of aging can be gradual and disturbing. No one wants to appear older than they actually are and older people hate the evidence of aging becoming apparent to everyone. Along with the aging process there are many disruptions in the body that causes a steady decline health. There may be something that can combat the devastating of the transition into old age. The Healthy Aging Medical Centers caters to people who are suffering from the imbalances of physical and mental interruptions. Dr. Dov Rand has partnered with the organization and he is making amazing strides in reducing the negative effects of aging.


Dr. Dov Rand trained at the Albert Einstein Medical Center located in New York. There he gained the experience and skill set required to assist patients that are experiencing the complications of aging. The process in which he chooses to use is a therapeutic model that deals directly with aging issues that are common among the older generation. This method allows for the source of the symptoms to be addressed. Some of the issues of aging can include; Lethargy, Anxiety, Depression, Night Sweats, and Insomnia. The overall benefit of the method is to have patients live the rest of their lives to the fullest without anything blocking them. Dr. Rand also suggest that the level of hormones contributes to the way the body functions. He also encourages patients to not restrict themselves from having a fun life of physical and mental happiness.


At the age of 50, Dr Dov Rand has great insight on what the aging process can do to the body and mind. He is passionate about the treatment planning and is living evidence of how effective it is. Having the opportunity to educate his patients he can set them up to progress through the treatment easily. The process for learning and understanding the condition, it gives the patient a baseline that lets them know that there is hope for great living at an old age. The patient will have to be disciplined and follow through for lasting results.