Mikhail Blagosklonny; a Brief Overview

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncologist who is responsible for over 170 research articles on the subject of cancer and aging. This includes many articles detailing research into aging and the potential use of rapamycin. He received certification as both a Doctor of Medicine and a Doctor of Philosophy from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Blagosklonny continued working for the Ordway Research Institute until 2009 on ImpactJournals.com, at which point he became the professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo New York as of April 15th.

At Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Blagosklonny has undertaken a lot of research and has produced articles on tandfonline.com such as “Rejuvenating immunity: “anti-aging drug today” eight years later” detailing the drug Everolimus and its effect on immunity in elderly adults, as well as discussing when human again will end as the derivative of medical research such as his.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has formulated a theory involving targets of rapamycin (TOR). He hypothesizes that aging may not be an accumulation of molecular damage, but may instead be caused by cell hyperfunction, and proposes using a drug called rapamycin as a possible treatment for life extension. Blagosklonny is the editor-in-chief for multiple journals, including Oncotarget, Aging, and Cell Cycle. He is considered to be one of the most well-known researchers on the forefront of the study of aging.

The IAP Worldwide’s Outstanding Service to its Clients across the Globe

One the world’s most trusted supplier of top-notch technology, multinational logistics, and management of premises is IAP Worldwide. The company offers its services in more than 25 countries across the globe. It currently has a workforce of approximately 2000 experts who have been devoted to ensuring that its clients get the best quality of services. Most of the customers who seek the services of the company are faced with unforeseen problems that are highly complicated such as natural calamities, and they are both in the private and public sector.

The IAP Worldwide Services has been offering its solutions to its clients for a couple of years, and therefore, it is highly experienced in organizing, controlling, and carrying out sophisticated logistical undertakings. It is in charge of portable research facilities, large military projects, and public amenities. The quality of services that the company provides have made it be highly trusted as a distributor of technology, management systems, and human resource.

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IAP selected to support the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System contract valued at $53 million

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

The company has been making good use of its unique skills, ingenuity, and excellent technology to offer solutions to problems that face different clients on careercast.com. It has created an outstanding customer service structure that ensures that all the needs of the customers are full filled. The firm uses four main competencies in running its operations, and they are agility, capability, determination, and commitment. It follows a list of values to ensure that it is successful.

The company has been dedicated to creating crucial affiliations with various partners that have a goal of solving the problems of the clients and it also welcomes the expertise on Hoovers that they offer. It believes that any business must partner with not only the clients but also the community for it to be successful. The IAP Worldwide has therefore been participating in charity.

The professionals that the multinational corporation employs have sufficient skills in a broad variety of fields and this enables them to solve a wide range of problems. IAP Worldwide Services have formed an unparalleled workforce by combining their knowledge, skills, and experience. The company has also been recognized for offering job opportunities to individuals who are skilled in logistics, engineering, accounting, and overall administration.

Securus Technologies Commends Management Team – Worldwide Food Drive

Just recently, Securus Technologies expanded their focus from providing monitoring services onto addressing the needs pertaining hunger. Ideally, their position included leading the way as a provider of civil and criminal justice, technology solutions. As a result, their clients appreciated Securus Technologies for participating in the interests of public safety, investigation, corrections, and monitoring, and receives a job well done for working to combat hunger and malnutrition as a worldwide effort.

Securus Technologies Management Teams Commended

Dallas Packs Hope Mobile Pack Event

The food was handed out by hundreds of Securus Technologies associates to be combined to create meals at the Dallas Packs Hope Mobile Pack Event. This particular event represents a grand effort to help the Feed My Starving Children organization.

Securus Technologies Food Packages Sent Worldwide

The entire group arrived on time to develop vitamin filled meals for the hungry – vegetables, soy, and rice were packaged and sealed. Then, sent out to be delivered to over 70 countries worldwide. Upon arrival, the food was delivered while partnering agencies chewed the costs for shipping. As a result, more information was seemingly collected pertaining to consumption levels, which is vital to protecting and serving communities in the near future.

Human Resource Vice President Kate Lengyel continued relaying messages pertaining to how this type of event is larger than life and team building moments are capable of lasting a lifetime…


About Securus Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, TX and serving over 3,450 clients, Securus Technologies provides enough coverage to satisfy law enforcement and corrections agencies, in addition to over 1,200,000 inmates in North America. The interests of investors and clients are placed first while providing products and services. Examples services include emergency response, incident management, biometric analysis, communication, information management, and public information. Ideally, Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters – protecting society.



Raj Fernando’s Successful Career

Raj Fernando is an important player in the trading industry. He has worked hard to make sure that he is doing the right thing and that the trade industry is working for him. It has allowed him the chance to make things work for his business and it has given him a great deal of help with his businesses.

Starting out, Raj Fernando was working while he was in college. He worked for the mercantile exchange during that time and he learned a lot about trading even while he was still in college. This gave him the head start that he needed for his future businesses and offered him the opportunity to learn as much as possible about an actual job while he was learning to function within the trading society.

Right out of college, Raj Fernando started his own company. This startup was something that he felt he could make a difference in the trading industry with. Chopper Trading was an excellent business and was very successful. Fernando realized, though, that he could make more money by selling Chopper Trading than he would ever be able to make if he continued to run the business. He sold it for a high profit and was able to use the money for anything that he pleased.

He decided to use the money that he got from Chopper Trading to start a new business. With Scoutahead, Raj Fernando did things better even than what he had done with Chopper. He knew that he could do even more with Scoutahead than he had done with Chopper and he used this to his advantage. He worked hard, never gave up and Scoutahead is now one of the biggest and best trading companies on the market. Raj Fernando has been able to reap the rewards that come with having a successful trading business like Scoutahead and he knows what having success is truly like.

For more information please visit http://www.rajfernando.com

What Does Town Residential Do?

Town Residential is a real estate agency that operates out of Manhattan. They have worked to become one of the best real estate agencies in the city and have seen a lot of growth in the three years that they have been on the real estate scene in the city. They have done this despite the trials that they have gone through and this has allowed them the chance to truly be able to flourish as an agency. It has given them the chance to see what it is like to be successful and to dedicate their time to their clients.


The residential side of Town Residential was the first thing that they focused their efforts on and the number one thing that continues to be a major part of their business model. They work hard to make sure that their clients are able to get what they want and that they find the right residential properties for them. They have been able to find some of the most sought-after properties in the city and they have delivered them to the clients that they serve. This has been a major help on the part of the agency and has allowed them to be extremely successful.


The business side of Town is as successful as the residential side and they are able to find their clients exactly what they are looking for in the business and commercial real estate sector. This has given them a great chance to be able to show off what they can do for businesses in the New York City and greater Manhattan areas.


When it comes to properties, Town feels as if anyone could be a client of theirs. They even work with land and building developers to help them find what they are looking for when it comes to the different portions of the development process. Town has connections in the industry that no other real estate company has and they are able to use these to help people who are looking for land to develop. This gives them a chance to show off what they have done and make even more connections with the great real estate advice that they help their land development clients with.


With everything that Town has to offer their clients, no matter what they are looking for, it is easy to see how they can be so successful. They have worked hard for the success that they currently have and they will stop at nothing to continue the success. Even though they have just recently opened their tenth office, they are still looking for more spaces that they can take over.

Josh Verne: How to Get Out Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

On knowledge for men’s website, Josh Verne is featured on his experience on how to succeed in life and business. He mentions that a person’s biggest obstacle can be oneself; himself included. It started with being the underdog, feeling as if life and the obstacles around are stacked against you.

You have to know who you are and how you operate. The question trapped inside the underdog’s mind is how do I get myself out of this trap, answer is finding a new perspective that helps avoid failure. One of the few things that Josh Verne mentions is “take the advice from people, just take it, but remember who you are and put all those pieces together”. Just because one person started a business one way doesn’t mean you can do the exact same thing; your journey isn’t meant to take that path. Your life, your journey, your path will take you where you need to but be willing to “pivot” when necessary.

He elaborates on if you hold yourself back because you are not only holding yourself back, but you will also hold others back. He mentions a business isn’t just a boss and its workers, but a team, a family. Josh Verne talks about being a leader and not being a boss. He recalls a time where his assistant, that he has had alongside him and his business for close to 20 years, came to him when they were beginning in the business world for help, for advice, and he told her that she needed to figure it out on her own.

With that, she did, but she expressed to him that it would have been more helpful if he could have given her actual help. Josh realized that a part of being successful is your team helps you grow, they are your support mechanism, so you have to engage yourself in that team.
Currently, Josh Verne is on his third business FlockU. It is an online platform for college life. It’s a place where students can go to “be free” in a sense. For a short time before FlockU, he owned an e-Commerce platform.

According to Bloomberg.com, his first business was a furniture store from his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. He stayed with this company for close to 20 years. The business started out as a small furniture store, then expanded to a wholesale distributor, and eventually grew into an international furniture store that made itself available throughout the US.

He mentioned briefly that is married and has two young girls. He was questioned, with where he is now in life and in business if he had the opportunity where would he take his family.

Find Josh Verne on Crunchbase to learn more.

Great Uses For Shea Butter


There are so many different uses for Shea Butter. It is a great product to have in your household. This is because there are so many different uses for Shea Butter. You will be amazed at how many different uses this wonderful product has. If you suffer from skin conditions then you should definitely invest in some Shea Butter for your skin. It helps a lot for these conditions, as Eugenia Shea’s online FAQ page shows. Here are some uses for Shea Butter.


One thing you can use Shea Butter for is for massages. This butter is great for giving back massages. It is very moisturizing to the skin and provides long lasting oils that are perfect for massages.


If you have bags under you eyes then you should use Shea Butter. This can help to reduce the inflammation under the eyes. This is because Shea Butter has many different ingredients that help to reduce puffiness. Shea Butter has Vitamin A and Vitamin E which help reduce inflammation.


Another use for Shea butter is as a lotion. Shea Butter can be used as a lotion for all parts of your body. This product is great because it moisturizes the skin and hydrates it at the same time. Shea Butter helps to reduce dry skin.


If you have pregnancy stretch marks Shea Butter can help to remove them. This product helps to reduce the appearance of scars. It can also help to prevent stretch marks while you are pregnant if you apply it daily.


During the winter months many people catch colds and the flu. Shea Butter can help alleviate the pain associated with sore noses from colds. It helps to sooth the nose so that it’s not painful anymore.


EuGenia Shea offers great Shea Butter products that are all natural and very affordable. This company has many different products. EuGenia Shea have products for pregnancy, skin conditions, and many more.

Sam Tabar Has Officially Been Announced as the New COO for FullCycle Energy Fund

Exciting news was released from FullCycle Energy Fund, as they announced that the company officially has a new Chief Operating Officer. The person who is now filling this role is Sam Tabar. The new COO brings a reputation for excellence in the field of finance and a professional history that is second to none. He will play a crucial role in helping the company to live up to its missions and to meet its goals in the weeks, months and years to come. The official announcement about this company news was delivered to the world by way of a press release that was published on PRNewswire.

Sam Tabar will be helping to guide some important projects and day-to-day operations now that he is the COO of FullCycle Energy Fund. Mr. Tabar will likely make forward progress with creating partnerships with all of the other executive leaders at the company. He will also help the company to move forward on the track to switch from expensive fuel sources that are not good for the environment in favor of cheaper, renewable, more environmentally friendly fuel sources.

Sam Tabar is well known for his success in the financial world. Over the years, he has overseen the successful financial strategies for more than a few corporations. He spent some time as the Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill lynch. During his time in this position Tabar assisted in creating positive professional alliances between the company’s fund management team and important investors. At the same time he was in charge of all the business operations.

Prior to the position at Merrill Lynch Sam Tabar ran the marketing division at Sparx Group. Those familiar with this company will recognize it for being the largest Asia Pacific Financial fund. With the Sparx Group, Tabar ran all of their marketing division’s work.

Michael Zomber and His Amazing Works

Michael Zomber is among the most passionate individuals when it comes to collecting antique arms. Zomber is mainly interested in Japanese, Islamic, American, and European arms from the 16th through to the 19th century. He writes screenplays and historical books. His work is unique as he keeps his characters real.

His Early Life

Mr. Zomber was born and raised in the US capital, Washington D.C. He is married to Andrea. Together they have two children – Gabriella and Christopher.

Career Journey

Michael Zomber is a good storyteller and his story telling abilities are evident from his numerous screenplays and published novels including Shogun Iemitsu, Jesus, and the Samurai, A Son of Kentucky, Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War. Zomber maintains that his wife is the force that propelled him into writing screenplays.

His novel Shogun Iemitsu tells the story of Hideo and Kobiyashi, two young Samurai who fall in love after taking part in the same festival. Eventually, the two defy the Tokugawa government. A Son of Kentucky is based on the Johnson family. Josiah Johnson is a peasant farmer who refuses to use slave labor on his firm in western Kentucky. This decision may lead to unrest in the country.

Sweet Betsy That’s Me dwells on Betsy’s life on the Western Kentucky farm. The events of the story unfold after the battle of Gettysburg. The story follows Betsy until she becomes a grown woman. Her life takes a different twist when she is forced to kill a Klansman when defending a young black man.

Another one of his work is Park Avenue. It is the story of an art collector selling his collection to enable his children to escape Nazi Germany. Henry Dryden, United States Army Sergeant, stumbles upon the self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh.

Using Video Visitation for Homework

For the past decade, one of the leaders in the communication technology industry has been Securus Technologies. The company, which is based in Dallas, Texas, has provided many different services and products to hundreds of different prisons and correctional facilities located all over the country. The products that they develop are used for both convenience and to improve security. The company is considered to be a leader when it comes to providing new innovation to the industry.

The most recent product and service that the company has unveiled in recent years has been the innovative video visitation platform. This platform allows for an inmate to directly face-to-face chat with family member or friend from the prison. The family member or friend can done also communicate with the inmate from the safety of their own home using a tablet computer or other mobile device. This has greatly improved security and experience for all parties involved. While the company knew that it would be a very popular product, the users have come up with unique ways to use the product that wasn’t expected before.

One way that inmates in the facilities are using the video visitation program is to stay connected with their children’s educational advancement. One way that children often suffer while they have incarcerated parents is by no longer receiving the assistance that they need with their homework. Several inmates and facilities have reported that they use the video visitation service to help their kids with homework and provide guidance by reviewing homework assignments wide with their children.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.