The Chainsmokers Release “Somebody” Video by Rory Kramer

What’s in a Hit Song?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear a new hit song? Maybe there are some of us who know the elements of music well enough to understand the basics; on the other hand, we are still left in the dark regarding the creative methods the individual artist uses to craft their hits.

“Somebody” Single Released

The Chainsmokers just released another single on April 20th, “Somebody.” The single drew lots of attention coming on the heels of another released (January 17, 2018) single off their Disruptor Records label, “Sick Boy.” Both “Sick Boy” and “Somebody” was released with videos. According to Taggart and Pall, the process of the two songs was produced with a different message in mind.

Two Songs Linked

In one tweet explaining the meaning os “Somebody” as “talks about the struggle and importance of staying true to yourself while everyone else around you is focused on surrounding themselves with material objects.” On the other hand, the previous single, released 90 days earlier, the message for “Sick Boy” was “a song about self-identity in today’s world and standing tall in the face of what you can and can’t control.” The spectrum is broad and deep, ranging from self-identity versus materialism to maintaining belief in oneself while displaying pride, confidence, and fortitude.

“Somebody” “instructional video” Released

Drew Taggart and Adam Pall released a shorter “in-house” studio video for “Somebody,” which was meant to be an instructive video. Taggart turns to Pall, while pulling from a smartphone recording of the original “Somebody” melody, that it was originally a few semitones lower than the final version. Taggart immediately plays the melody transposed with the other instrumentation.

The Chainsmokers (2012)

The EDM-Pop duo have been turning out Billboard hits like “Closer,” “Don’t Let me Down,” and now “Somebody,” which reached #5 on the Billboard “Bubbling under Hot 100 Singles.” Taggart and Pall promised their fans another video explaining in more detail some exciting footage about the “Official” video. In a few hours a video was uploaded which was the work of a long time collaborator of the Chainsmokers, Rory Kramer. The Kramer Vision Video was released on June 9th, as promised by Taggart and Pall earlier to their fans.

The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Tells All

With the release of their brand new single “Closer” Alex Pall has stepped up to answer some questions, and tell more about The Chainsmokers. “Closer” is a bit different from their regular tracks because of one thing. It features Andrew Taggart, the other half of The Chainsmokers, singing.

Alex Pall reveals that growing up he was a DJ. At first it was just a hobby and side career than anything he thought he would make a living from. Eventually he realized that dance music was taking over every part of his life. If he didn’t give it a real shot, he was going to regret it. The manager that The Chainsmokers now work with, introduced him to Andrew Taggart, and they immediately hit it off. Taggart was just finishing college when he was given the opportunity to meet Alex. Within 4 years they were in the big scene.

They both hit it off immediately. They knew they would work because they both had the same drive and ambition. They would get together every day from 9AM to 7PM and work on their music as well as creating an identity around themselves for marketing. More than anything, they always are pushing themselves harder, and farther, to become better artists. Pall calls it a journey of self discovery.

The biggest thing they can attribute to their success is the moment they realized that they didn’t want to make just plain old dance music. They wanted something that could actually blur the lines between all their favorite genres. The Chainsmokers are a mix of indie, pop, dance, and hip hop.

Despite it being rather unique for them to sing in their own music, Alex Pall treats it like no big deal. Pall says the difference between them and other dance music is that most other dance music artists don’t write their own songs, while Pall and Taggart strive to be part of the process every step of the way. Now they are working on putting together a cohesive album that tells a story which is another step away from the traditional dance album.