Dr. David Samadi, Prostate Cancer Surgeon

Cancer is among the list of diseases that have proven most difficult to cure in the medical world. However, with proper medical guidance and treatment, healing it proves not to be a challenge. Dr. David Samadi is one of the world’s famous prostate cancer doctors with tons of experience in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases like kidney, prostate and bladder cancer. Dr. David Samadi specializes in the advanced treatment of prostate cancer with the latest technological treatments.

He began his medical journey in the year 1994 when he studied for his masters in Urology. He later studied a postgraduate in proctology in 1996. From there, he began practicing and then over the years scaled the career ladder to become the highest paid doctor in the year 2012, across New York City. His groundbreaking work as the chair of the urology and robotic surgery is what put him on top of the list in his career.

With his accomplishments in the medical field, he can offer advice to people when it comes to health matters from health insurance, to how proposed legislation can affect the health industry among other topics. He provides his skilled advice as a guest on Fox News. However, what further put him in the limelight was his information on prostate cancer when famous politician was affected. The patient in question was Mitt Romney, a former presidential candidate for the Republicans.

During Mitt’s treatment period, Dr. David Samadi got to share a few insights about prostate cancer. The ideas of prostate cancer included facts like older men were likely to suffer from prostate cancer than younger men. He later went on to explain the right method of treating prostate cancer. A majority of patients are torn between the surgery option of treatment or radiation.

He gave the pros of each treatment and when a specific treatment would be better. However, for him, the best treatment method would be surgery over radiation. The main reason is that people who undergo radiotherapy are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer. He later went ahead to talk about the success of the surgery on former Republican presidential candidate.

Currently, Dr. David Samadi focuses his energy on informing men about prostate cancer. He gives them in-depth knowledge about the signs and treatment options available. The reason for his comprehensive knowledge campaign is due to the sudden increase of prostate cases across America.

David Samadi Oncology Expertise

Cancer is a terrible medical condition that is slowly getting rid of the current generation. People from many parts of the globe are losing their lives on a daily basis because the disease has spread to numerous body parts, becoming incurable. Medical experts say that this monster disease can only be effectively cured when the patients managed to detect the condition at the first stages. Medical professionals have embraced the new modern technology in numerous operations in the past in a bid to come up with an effective treatment. However, the progress in the oncology department is very slow. The treatments available at the moment can be very harsh on patients who are already weak, and some of them end up losing their lives due to these treatments.

In America, many households have a story to tell concerning a cancer experience. The disease has snatched very many young and old people in the society. A huge number of people are currently fighting the battle too, making cancer a national concern. The American government has invested so much in cancer research so that medical professionals can come up with the treatment that will save many lives. The medical condition does not spare anyone. Even some of the wealthiest and most respected personalities in the world have been treated because of cancer.

Mitt Romney is one of the latest cancer victims in the United States. The politician has vied for the presidential position a couple of times, but he has lost to other candidates. Last year, Mitt Romney came out and made a shocking announcement. The politician stated that he had just undergone a prostate surgery so that he could treat prostate cancer, one of the dangerous cancers in older men in the modern times. According to Romney, he realized that there was a tumor in his prostate gland, and he took action before everything could go out of place. Fortunately, his life was saved before he could get worse.

David Samadi is an oncology expert who is changing the lives of millions of people using his new cancer treatment technologies. Many people, especially men, have been declared cancer-free after receiving cancer treatment from David Samadi. Samadi understands prostate cancer well, and this is why he has been able to deal with numerous cases in the past. Samadi believes that it is possible to eliminate prostate cancer in the modern society so that people can live longer.

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