David McDonald’s Journey in the OSI Group

David Mcdonald, OSI GroupDavid McDonald is the president and senior operating officer of the OSI Group, LLC- a meat processing and food service retail company. He has many years of experience in this business since he has worked in different positions in the OSI group since its beginning. In the past, David McDonald was once a chairman of North America Institute and is still a member of the institute’s board of directors.

OSI has turned to be among the most extensive food suppliers in the world. The company currently has over 65 facilities and over 20,000 employees spread out in the 17 countries that have its branches. It is in the top list of the largest privately owned companies in the United States, with a worldwide reputation. It produces a variety of value-added food products and has reasonable prices for small products according to the consumers’ needs.

Recently, OSI doubled the chicken processing Capacity to create different products. From a production of 12,000 tons a year, they now produce 24,000 tones. Their products come in various culinary expertise to serve different tastes of customers. Over the years it has acquired partnership with other poultry processing plants. David McDonald, the company’ s president, states that the company is headed for significant growth and expansion of its products lines across the globe.

OSI group has been busy since 2016 purchasing new properties to suit its production needs for people all over the world. It bought a food processing facility in Chicago, together with a warehouse then later acquired the Baho Food. It also acquired the Flagship Europe Food and renamed it to Creative Foods Europe. In addition, it extended its operations to Toledo, Spain. In 2017, a new processing center, GenOSI was set up in the Philippines.

Its expansion of facilities enables the company to produce new unique products. David McDonald is happy and content that this expansion has seen many people being employed in the industry and has contributed to the growth of food retail services. Most of their productions aim to improve the environmental care. A good example is the new equipment at the Toledo plant which has reduced energy use of the company by about 20%.

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