Betterworks Shows The Importance Of The HR Team Within An Organization In Their Latest Report

Recently, Betterworks release their final report from a survey entitled “State of Continuous Performance Management”, revealing that the makeup of an HR team plays a key role on the function of the department within any business. Doug Dennerline, the Chief Executive Officer of Betterworks talked about the new information, noting that forward-thinking CEOs know that developing, motivating and aligning their workforce plays a crucial role when it comes to both achieving as well as sustaining a competitive advantage. He also pointed out that this commitment to gaining a competitive advantage is demonstrate through the hiring of strong HR leaders who can not only report to them directly but can also offer support when it comes to developing an employee experience for the maximum amount of impact.

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Close to 800 participants were involved in the survey, which was conducted with Market Cube. All participants work for companies with 500 employees or more – with one out of three respondents working for companies with over 5,000 employees. According to the study which resulted from the survey, HR organizations which are the most impactful have a CHRO (Chief Executive Human Resources Officer) who is reporting directly to the CEO. In addition, HR teams that have a C-level leader tend to deploy more often the elements which make up for an effective program regarding performance management.

Betterworks is the leading enterprise HR software, released by Betterworks Systems and focusing on Continuous Performance Management. The software is meant to enable business growth by developing, aligning, and activating the organization’s workforce. This is done by replacing ineffective processes such as the annual review with the Continuous Performance Management programs, which are designed to help managers improve their skills necessary to motivate and inspire the company’s workforce – such as coaching, feedback, development conversations, as well as goal alignment.