The History of Richard Liu Qiangdong’s

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born in Suqian town, Jiangsu Province, China. His parents worked as coal shippers. They instilled in him the value of working hard, getting a good education and encouraged him to excel in all that he did. He attended primary and high school in his home town. He graduated from The People’s China University with a degree in sociology. Since the employment opportunities in the country were very competitive, he decided to widen his learning.

After graduation, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked in Japan Life. Japan Life is a large-scale supplier of natural supplements. He worked hard and made use of his knowledge education till he was promoted to Director of the firm’s computer department. He parted ways with Japan Life in 1998 with the aim of becoming an entrepreneur. Richard Liu Qiangdong opened up his first shop, a rented spacious retail, and named it China’s Technology Hub.

He made a sale of magneto-optical products. He specialized on offering exquisite customer service and relation, simple and easy transactions, and technology use with the goal of showcasing business ventures. Despite rough competition from vendors, Richard Liu Qiangdong outshined all other entrepreneurs by dealing with only authorized items. By then, China vendors were in the era of selling products that had depreciated in value, faux items.

This helped Richard Liu Qiangdong in distancing himself from the competition. He saw a business opportunity to start selling authenticated products of high retail quality. Five years into his own business, he had made a business empire bringing in massive profits. He renamed his business into JingDong. He rebuilt his retail store of magneto-optical with brick and mortar. Following the SARS outbreak in the country, a lot of small retail businesses were closed down.

Richard Liu Qiangdong changed his business model to selling online and renamed to 360Buy JingDong. These attracted a lot of customers. He worked hard to provide a perfect shopping platform which catered for the needs of the customers and guests. He later renamed his site to after forming business relationships with vendors who sold their products on his site.

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Mike Nierenberg shares New Residential’s plans for success

Recently, Mike Nierenberg the Chairman, CEO and President of New Residential Investment Corp. came out to announce the company plans for success. This announcement came right after the company finalized its acquisition deal of Shellpoint Partners. New Residential is today one of the best performing real estate investment trusts. In his announcement, Mike addressed the company’s expansion plan and its strategy to stay on top of its market.

The Shellpoint Partners acquisition

New Residential acquired Shellpoint in a deal worth $190 million. This acquisition is part of what Mike Nierenberg terms as his company’s expansion plan. Shellpoint Partners is a well-established mortgage vehicle that was founded in 2010 by Lewis Ranieri of Ranieri partners. This mortgage vehicle firm is made up of Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing and New Penn Financial. Avenue 365 and eStreet who deal with title management services and appraisal management are also part of this acquired company,

The CEO of the top-performing real estate investment trust said that this acquisition was a move to expand the company. He pointed out that now New Residential will be able to provide its clients with comprehensive services. These services will include title and settlement management and appraisal management which they weren’t able to before the acquisition. Mike Nierenberg went ahead to state that his company will be looking to provide more services in-house to its clients as time goes by.

Staying at the top

Making better investments has been a big part of New Residential’s success so far. Even with the massive success that the company has heard so far, it’s pretty hard to stay at the top in the current competitive market. It is for this reason that this real estate investment trust is looking at other ways to stay ahead of its competition. According to the company’s CEO, Mike Nierenberg they are looking at adopting revolutionary technology to achieve this. The innovative technology will play a big part in improving the company’s service delivery to its clients. New Residential clients will be served much faster and better once the new technologies are implemented. Additionally, the company is also looking to serve more clients through this technology.

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Transforming the World Through Education the Betsy Devos Way

Education is and has always been a weapon to use when transforming the world. If there is anybody who understands and appreciates this fact more than anybody in the world is Betsy DeVos. For a long time, Besty has been Championing a number of educational reforms and hence the common tag name ‘reformer.’ One of the key things in Betsy transformative agenda is equality in education. Betsy believes that regardless of one’s background, every child ought to have an equal opportunity when it comes to education. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Betsy DeVos reformative nature can be attributed to her formative years in school and business. While undertaking her undergraduate studies at the Calvin College, Mrs. Betsy was actively involved in college politics. The college politics rather reignited the reformative spark in Betsy since even after campus she did hold onto the mantle even to her adult life. At least with some experience to it, Betsy has been able to successfully organize party and political reform campaigns for more than 30 years. Unlike in her formative years, Betsy’s gets the most support from her husband to carry out these campaigns. Betsy’s husband, Mr. Dick DeVos is also active in politics and was even a Republican nominee in 2006 contesting the Governorship seat of the state of Michigan.

In addition to being active in politics, the DeVos are also businesspeople. With a transformative mindset, Betsy DeVos applies the same principles when it comes to doing business. Through the businesses they do primarily, the goal is always to help provide positive solutions to people’s problem then followed by profits. Currently, Betsy DeVos serves Windset Group, a company she founded with her husband in 1989 as the Chairperson. Windset Group is a privately held company that deals with issues manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Dick, Betsy’s husband, on the other hand, is formerly the president of Orlando Magic MBA franchise and Amway.

The DeVos’s have the heart for charity and more so these related to education besides their business ventures. Betsy DeVos, the education reformist, achieves her educational reformative objective through many nonprofit organization she runs. Among the many, Betsy is the is chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center and Kids Hope USA. Through these organizations, Betsy has been known for taking a leading role and voicing her force for the educational needs of the children.

Betsy DeVos is an inspiration and a source of great pride in the education industry. Thanks to her advocacy role in the education sector, we are guaranteed of having a better society sooner than later.

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A Review Of Dr. Rick Shinto’s Transformative Leadership At InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a renowned company that offers quality medical care. The entity recruits qualified professionals to spur its growth and provide the populace with innovative products and services. Additionally, teamwork is a strong pillar in the company’s vision and mission. According to Rick Shinto, InnovaCare Health pegs its success on employing experts from diverse background and enhancing cohesion within the organization. It’s core values entails proper communication, a clear vision, and an excellent working relationship. The company’s mission is to redefine the running of healthcare in the current healthcare environment.

In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health works closely with its two affiliates: PMC Medicare Choice Inc. and MMM Healthcare Inc. These institutions provide high quality care programs that advance physical and emotional well-being of the clients. Consistently, the customer satisfaction rate remains at 90 percent. This situation demonstrates the accomplishments made by the two affiliates. In 2011, PMC and MMM obtained NCQA accreditation. Notably, this certification is only given when a program meets the quality assurance expectations. The key determinants of the accreditation are quality improvements and customer protection. View the company profile at LinkedIn.

Rick Shinto is a revered authority in the healthcare sector. Presently, he is the president and chief executive officer of InnovaCare, Inc. Previously, he worked as a pulmonologist in Southern California where he started his medical career. Dr. Shinto has written numerous articles on health care issues, including clinical medicine. He holds a B.S degree from the University of California. Rick Shinto is also an alumnus of the University of New York where he earned his medical degree. In addition, he holds an MBA from the celebrated University of Redlands.

He is credited for his visionary leadership that has helped to put the company on a growth trajectory. Rick is optimistic that InnovaCare Health can expand into other markets. Over the years, the executive has been encouraging his juniors to give their best. The executive has always ensured that the employees have a favorable working condition.

Previously, Dr. Shinto worked for Aveta Inc. as the president and CEO. It was during his tenure with the company that he earned the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This award is given to people who have exhibited excellent performance, particularly in the service industry. In addition, it seeks to recognize professionals who demonstrate their ability to develop innovative ideas, commitment to community activities, and financial performance.

Dr. Shinto works with other experts, including Penelope Kokkinides. She has a sound educational background and extensive experience in the health care industry.

The Sky isn’t the Limit: Arthur Becker Aiming for the Sky with his $53M Condo

According to Ideamensch, Arthur Becker is going through a new phase in his life, transitioning from being an investor to a full-fledged developer. From his humble beginnings as a homebuilder, to a macadamia orchard operator and then into tech and finance, Arthur has shown incredible growth and advancement in his lifetime.

It’s no surprise that you have big names such as Michael Stern, Kevin Maloney and Robert Gladstone, who are big time developers being linked to his name. But having been successful in helping others make a name for themselves, it has reached a point where he also wants a piece of the real estate industry cake. His most recent project, the 8-unit building at 465 Washington street in Tribeca has all the makings of a grand project. Info sourced from

Firstly, its $52.5 million budget is a record-breaking investment in the region. The fact that Paris Forino, a celebrated designer, will be in charge of the interior decor is also another cause for excitement.

In a recent briefing, Becker opined that he bought 465 Washington as a primer at $6.1 million from another developer, Peter Moore, but the moment the investment goes through to completion, he knows that he will rake in good money from it.

Once it’s done, 465 Washington will comprise of seven simplex apartments, and one penthouse duplex, ranging from 4,000 square feet. The price points for the units will range from $2,200 per square foot to $3,200 per square foot.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is the Chairman & CEO of Zinio. Prior to this role, he served as the CEO of Navisite, a company that offers technology and application management service to customers in the US and UK. He has also worked as a senior advisor to the Vera Wang Fashion company for 7 years.

Arthur has been an ardent investor for Madison Partners in New York City, and sources from Real Capital Analytics say that his investments to date could be worth $550 million. Among his highlight in the real estate industry is the sale of an assemblage at 251-259 Third Avenue Gramercy, which they sold to Alfa Development for a whooping $70 million.


Raj Fernando’s Successful Career

Raj Fernando is an important player in the trading industry. He has worked hard to make sure that he is doing the right thing and that the trade industry is working for him. It has allowed him the chance to make things work for his business and it has given him a great deal of help with his businesses.

Starting out, Raj Fernando was working while he was in college. He worked for the mercantile exchange during that time and he learned a lot about trading even while he was still in college. This gave him the head start that he needed for his future businesses and offered him the opportunity to learn as much as possible about an actual job while he was learning to function within the trading society.

Right out of college, Raj Fernando started his own company. This startup was something that he felt he could make a difference in the trading industry with. Chopper Trading was an excellent business and was very successful. Fernando realized, though, that he could make more money by selling Chopper Trading than he would ever be able to make if he continued to run the business. He sold it for a high profit and was able to use the money for anything that he pleased.

He decided to use the money that he got from Chopper Trading to start a new business. With Scoutahead, Raj Fernando did things better even than what he had done with Chopper. He knew that he could do even more with Scoutahead than he had done with Chopper and he used this to his advantage. He worked hard, never gave up and Scoutahead is now one of the biggest and best trading companies on the market. Raj Fernando has been able to reap the rewards that come with having a successful trading business like Scoutahead and he knows what having success is truly like.

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