The Incredible Hair Care Products Of Donald Scott NYC

Straight razors used to have one purpose, they were used for shaving. Today straight razors are used to give a variety of amazing haircuts. Donald Scott NYC does not just cut hair. He is an artist, an educator and an amazing stylist. Donald Scott NYC comes from a family of hairdressers and this enabled him to realized hair styling had a void. This caused Donald Scott NYC to revolutionize hair styling tools with a collection of straight razors that allowed more freedom and creativity when cutting hair. Donald Scott’s collection includes fine and wide carving comb’s, swivel twist razors chop stik razors and groom stik razors.

A razor cut gives you the ability to angle the ends of your hair. The result is a cut that is flippy, flirty and looks good. The hair is cut from scalp to tip, the reverse of a regular haircut. The top of the hair can be layered for more volume at your crown. Bangs especially respond well to this type of a cut as they lose the flat look. A straight razor adds unbelievable texture and appeal.