Raj Fernando’s Successful Career

Raj Fernando is an important player in the trading industry. He has worked hard to make sure that he is doing the right thing and that the trade industry is working for him. It has allowed him the chance to make things work for his business and it has given him a great deal of help with his businesses.

Starting out, Raj Fernando was working while he was in college. He worked for the mercantile exchange during that time and he learned a lot about trading even while he was still in college. This gave him the head start that he needed for his future businesses and offered him the opportunity to learn as much as possible about an actual job while he was learning to function within the trading society.

Right out of college, Raj Fernando started his own company. This startup was something that he felt he could make a difference in the trading industry with. Chopper Trading was an excellent business and was very successful. Fernando realized, though, that he could make more money by selling Chopper Trading than he would ever be able to make if he continued to run the business. He sold it for a high profit and was able to use the money for anything that he pleased.

He decided to use the money that he got from Chopper Trading to start a new business. With Scoutahead, Raj Fernando did things better even than what he had done with Chopper. He knew that he could do even more with Scoutahead than he had done with Chopper and he used this to his advantage. He worked hard, never gave up and Scoutahead is now one of the biggest and best trading companies on the market. Raj Fernando has been able to reap the rewards that come with having a successful trading business like Scoutahead and he knows what having success is truly like.

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