Norman Pattiz Offers A Better Look At Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is an interesting field, and Norman Pattiz has asked for a study of radio ads that will reveal to the radio industry how they should advertise. Norman Pattiz is the chairman of Westwood Once, and he has created a radio empire that leads the industry quite a lot.

This article explains how the study was put together, and there is a look at how the study will change the way people purchase advertising. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

#1: Radio Advertising Is Highly Effective

There are many people who learn quite a lot from radio advertising, and they are given brands that they will recognize simply by listening tot he radio.

They remember the names of the brands they hear more often than not, and they are able to recall this information easily. There are quite a few people who will get in the car to hear a radio ad, and they may go to that store not long after hearing the ad.

#2: Westwood One Is A Large Company

Westwood One has the industry recognition to order and complete a proper study. The study that was offered by Westwood One has been known as one of the best in the field so far, and it is helping many companies that wish to grow as much as Westwood One.

#3: Norman Is A Radio Pioneer

According to Forbes, Norman Pattiz started Westwood One many decades ago, and he has grown the business into a large chain of stations that offer the best in sports and talk radio. They are known around the world for the broadcasts they produce, and Norman has been known as the scion of the industry for some time. There are many different people who follow and admire Norman, and they will take his study quite seriously.

#4: The Radio Industry Must Improve Every Year

Norman is willing to improve his business as much as possible, and he wishes to change the way that radio ads are bought. He knows that everyone may enjoy greater success when they are advertising well, and they will have a larger customer base because they are appealing to people who need the products in the ads.

The ads that have been aired on the radio are quite important for the progress of commerce, and someone who wishes to change the course of their radio station may advertise as Norman recommends. Norman believes that the radio industry may grow given better advertising.