Betsy DeVos Is A True Political Fighter

Betsy DeVos is one of the most polarizing figures in America’s fight for education. She has worked in education reform most of her life, starting with her work in student government in Calvin College, all the way up to the Office of the US Education Secretary. She was appointed in 2017 by President Trump to the prestigious office, where she now can affect policies on a massive scale. Her educational choice policies have caused critics to complain about public funding, but DeVos has always said that it’s not public funding that pays for educational choice.


Educational choice is an option for students to choose where they go to school. Critics have issues with this policy because it could mean that students pick private schools, which takes away funding from public schools. However, DeVos contends that it doesn’t work that way. In fact, she says that people who believe this don’t understand how educational choice works.


In a “60 Minutes” interview with Lesley Stahl, DeVos discussed educational choice and the successes of the programs since she took office. She stated that the most successful state was Florida, where students have the most educational choice options. These programs make it possible for students in a failing district to choose a magnet program, which would allow them to transfer to another public school with a program that they liked better. This works for students who want to go into performing arts, international studies, business, law, and other specialty programs.


However, educational choice is also about sending students to better schools. If a student is accepted into a private school or charter school, they can attend that school with a scholarship. These programs are funded by philanthropy. In fact, Betsy DeVos’ own foundation has donated over $139 million to help education in the United States. She also has donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton.


In addition, DeVos has been in charge of school safety reform. In 2018, after multiple school shootings, DeVos was put in charge of the reform movement. It would lead to multiple policy changes and new safety measures at schools around the country. Changes took place in summer of 2018 before the start of the new year.


Since those changes, there have been zero school shootings and Betsy DeVos says that it’s all about protecting children. She wants to put students first always. President Trump has put her in charge of the school safety movement, while she has also been trying to get more states on board with educational choice. She still has time to make more changes, but it has been slow trying to get other states to adopt educational choice programs.


Betsy DeVos says that she will continue to fight for students’ rights first and hopes that campuses are now the safe space that children need to learn.


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Why Was End Citizens United Founded

In 2010, when the United States Supreme Court ruled that Citizens United could exist the political system for the country changed forever. The consequences and actions of this ruling are still unfolding in American politics. This court cases is like many other few court cases that change the landscape of politics. For example, in 1857 the Dred Scott v. Sandford in 1857 case and the Roe v. Wade case of 1973 and the Brown v. Board of Education court ruling 1954, were all monumental court rulings that changed the way American politics and society function. Along with those cases is the Citizens United case. However, not everyone believes this ruling case in favor of Citizens United was a positive and productive choice for American society. So, End Citizens United was formed to battle the effects of Citizens United.

End Citizens United has employed a strategy to legally overturn the doings of the super PAC Citizens United. The End Citizens United has a process with two steps. Step number one is support. The group believes in strongly supporting candidates that are willing to back up, create and enforce finance laws regarding political campaigns. Secondly, the group uses certain efforts to help abolish Citizens United. Currently, the group does not get much support from the Republican party. Therefore, the group mainly focuses on working with candidates of the Democratic party.

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End Citizens United is a grassroots funded group. The money raised for the group to operate is typically donated through digital platforms. The coalition of donating individuals are all focused on fundraising to go towards a common goal. They are political activists. These people start out working on a small, local level. Their efforts move up a chain to a national loop of feedback, activism and efforts to combat the doings of Citizens United.

With only a few months left before the 2018 midterm election, End Citizens United is working very had to show support for candidates who abide by finance laws. Their grassroots funds are going towards candidates that are pro reform. With the average single donation being fourteen dollars from donors, the thirty five million dollar amount of funds donated to the group for these candidates will surely make a difference in the upcoming 2018 midterm election.

Betsy DeVos: Political Reformer And Champion

Betsy DeVos is one of those people that you meet and you just know that she will outwork you at whatever it is that she is doing at the time. She never stops striving for the things that she believes in. These could be causes that are close to her heart, or whatever else.


In 2006 her husband was nominated as the Republican candidate for the Governorship of Michigan. He did not win that race, but it just went to show that the family had a political backbone and are willing to fight for what they believe in. Although Betsy herself was not in the political spotlight much until recently, she has worked hard for the ideas that she believes in for a very long time.


DeVos is not only known for her political ventures, but also for what she has accomplished in the business world. She always looks for the most innovative solutions to the problems that exist in the business world. Finding those solutions is never easy for anyone to do, but that is what has helped to make Betsy DeVos a well-known name at this point.


It is not all about business and power with this person. Rather, she also finds time to put into work with non-profit missions. She has established a number of charities and other non-profit projects to help those less fortunate. In particular, she has focused on trying to provide relief and help to children. She knows that education is the great equalizer, and she wants all children to have access to the best educational resources possible.


She has served as the chairperson for the Alliance for School Choice and for the American Federation for Children. These are both advocacy organizations that among other things, work for the benefit of promoting educational options to children.


Betsy DeVos remains highly optimistic about the way that things are going with the school choice movement. She says that more than 250,000 children now benefit from attending public-funded charter schools in seventeen different states plus the District of Columbia. It is her belief that these schools have greater impacts on the lives of children than do the public schools that they would have to attend otherwise.


Since education is not something that is optional for a person at least up to the high school level in the United States, it is important to people like Betsy who believe in school choice to continue to fight for it. They just see it as a mission to help the children who would otherwise be stuck in schools that are not performing as they should be.


She often goes after this issue on a state by state basis. This has proven to be more effective way for her to get her message across. By doing things this way, she is trying to encourage more people to see things the same way that she does. It is a novel approach that just might help her get the kind of results that she desires for the future. Learn more:

End Citizens United Knows How to Make Changes

End Citizens United has only been operating as an organization for a short period of time. In that time, they have managed to bring major changes to a bill that was passed which made it hard for the people who passed the bill to be able to stand up to the things that End Citizens United was saying about them. They wanted to make sure that they were bringing awareness to the issues that come from the bill and to the problems that it actually poses to citizens. They know that citizens united was not really intended for citizens and they want politicians to be able to see that it can cause huge problems. They also have to be careful when they are doing this because citizens united has been helpful to a lot of different politicians who are members of both of the parties. They need to be aware of the issues that come from making these things happen and they also need to make sure that politicians understand the gravity of the situation that they have started.


When citizens united was first getting started, it was simply meant so that corporations could be party donators just like citizens. It was not only meant to help the people who were in different situations with their own party but to also help the people who were working on their own with the different opportunities that they had. It, essentially, gave citizens the chance to make sure that they were going to be able to do things that they would want to make happen when they were a corporation.


As the citizens united started to go into place, some citizens saw the problems that could actually come from it. They came together to form End Citizens United and to make things better for the people who wanted to be able to vote. One of the biggest parts of the mission that End Citizens United has as an organization is that citizens are able to continue to vote and that their rights are not being impeded on by a big corporation.


While End Citizens United is growing, they still need to gain support in the political community. This is problematic because politicians are the ones who benefit from citizens united. If End Citizens United is able to get the support that they need from politicians, they will be able to make the changes that are necessary and will be able to grow their business. It is important for End Citizens United to be able to bring change about and to make things better for all of the people who they serve in the different situations that they are a part of as an organization.