Brian Torchin- Industry Leading Medical Staffer

Brian Torchin is a doctor of chiropractic medicine in Philadelphia. He spent numerous years staffing, opening, and managing medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida.

He familiarized himself with the industry through his own experience as a physician of chiropractic medicine. This enabled him to quickly gain knowledge on what was needed to maintain a quality chiropractic facility, and quickly rise as the top healthcare recruiter worldwide.

Brian Torchin then decided that he wanted to be a part of developing a healthcare staffing solutions firm– a company that markets toward employment opportunities in the healthcare sector.

He had a goal to provide healthcare clientele with the best staff possible. He and his associates created the Health Care Recruitment Act (HRCR), of which he currently serves as president.

HCRC Staffing works specifically with chiropractic private practices and hospitals in search of filling chiropractic jobs, medical jobs, physical therapy and more. They also do professional consulting, background checks and staff training for their clients. HRCR staffing consultants are available to their clients nights and weekends for maximum assistance.

Behance said that Brian Torchin also runs a blog on the HRCR staffing site, continuously posting tips on assorted topics. He stresses the importance of creating a welcoming environment for potential patients.

He posts comprehensive articles and beliefs on numerous topics, such as simplifying online marketing, advice on hiring a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, top interview questions and tips to hiring excellent employees. His goal is to offer his clients efficient and top solutions.

Other than his company blog, Brian Torchin uses various other forms of social media to give advice and information as freely as possible. His Facebook page is full of articles that aid with and tips on hiring different healthcare individuals.

He also posts all available job openings and offerings in the field. He can also be found on LinkedIn and Crunchbase. Torchin has made himself to be extremely helpful, informative and available.