Rocketship Education Comes to the Rescue

Rocketship Education holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many families in America. Established in 2006, the public charter school system has established many elementary learning centers in impoverished neighborhoods, giving children an educational opportunity they would not have had otherwise.

In many such communities the tax revenues have been depleted to the extent that a quality education for children has simply not been possible. The proprietary and unique methods used by Rocketship Education has revolutionized elementary teaching, proving that all children can learn, and learn well, if the proper methods are used.

Rocketship believes that all children have great potential, it is just that when they are being raised in a poverty environment, it is just more difficult. With the right tools and methods, however, children can learn when they are given the tools.

Rocketship students, called “Rocketeers.” learn how to learn, putting it very simply, by utilizing many visual, digital, and fun exercises along with small group settings, and individual tutoring. The major courses revolve around science, math, reading, and social studies. Other ancillary courses include music, art, dance, cooking, and crafts.

Of course in the lower grades, reading and writing are big topics, but elementary foundations laid early to give a base for more complex lessons later. Along with the academics, students are taught the importance of responsibility, respect, empathy, and persistence, the core values of Rocketship Education. Not only do these traits bear major importance for the children as students, but they are vital for good citizenship.

Each student is given a map that helps them to keep track of their progress at Rocketship. Topics are taught conceptually, then specifically all along the way where different methods of teaching and learning are used to reach mastery at each level. In addition to small groups, digital labs help with the repetition work, utilizing the amazing advantages of technology.

When the results are measured, it is astounding how Rocketship alumni fare. For the Rocketeers who go on to middle school, it has been shown that their test scores are way above their peers in the public schools. The Rocketeers are also better adapted to learning new concepts and are have a higher self-confidence and maturity.