Oren Frank Hopes to take Talkspace a notch higher

Oren Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, a startup that offers therapy services through an online platform. Founded in 2012, the company had a sole goal of ensuring that psychotherapy services became affordable, convenient and easily accessible for all. Through its “Unlimited Messaging Therapy,” the company hopes to make an impact in the world of psychotherapy. Since its inception, more than 350,000 beneficiaries have already been produced. Connect with Oren Frank by visiting his linkedin account

In the recent past, Talkspace has been positioning itself to get more serious about selling to companies and employers. With this development, the company saw the need to bring on board a chief medical officer to help on this front. The company employed Neil Leibowitz who previously worked with United Health as a senior medical director. This comes hot on the heels of the company’s plans to build out its enterprise business. There is also the rumor that the company could be gearing up for a potential IPO.

After 5 years into the business, the company recently celebrated a milestone after hitting one million users. The company offers a $79 weekly service in case you need to talk to a therapist online. For messaging, it charges a $49 weekly service fee. In a recent interview, Oren Frank was upbeat about the development in the company noting that it is currently raking in millions of dollars in revenue.

With the entry of Leibowitz physicians at Talkspace can finally be able to prescribe medicine when the need arises. Considering the state and federal regulations, however, psychiatrists can only prescribe via the video tool. However, the company is yet to make up its mind on whether there will be exceptions on prescription especially when it comes to drugs like opiates.

Last year, the company made good inroads in its bid to get the attention of employers. This saw them get into partnership with Magellan health; an employer-focused company. After studies that depicted an increase in cases of anxiety and depression among millennials, employers are now serious more than ever on matters mental health. So, technically, Talkspace’s move is right on the spot as this will help increase awareness.  Read more: https://www.huffpost.com/author/oren-frank

Deirdre Baggot Career in Bundled Payments

Deirdre Baggot career in the medical profession has been one of the most successful. Her excellent performance in school helped her climb the success ladder so fast, and this is why the medical professional commands so much respect. Deirdre is acknowledged by millions of people in the medical department for being the pioneer of bundled payments. People want to know how an ordinary woman came up with such a brilliant idea. Her story is always used to motivate other personalities in the society, especially women. Baggot teaches university students about bundled payments, and she has also written many publications about the same subject. The medical professional has been able to form great relationships with executives in the market. Many hospitals and healthcare companies are experiencing efficiency in their working places because they embraced the bundled payment introduced by Baggot Deirdre. Find out more about Deirdre at Bloomberg.com

For Deirdre Baggot, a typical day is filled with so many activities. The businesswoman has been working for the last fifteen years, and she has now understood how to balance her personal and professional life with so much ease. There are so many meetings to attend and calls to be received. She has however discovered the secret of putting a simple deadline to all her goals so that she can remain focused. Baggot writes down all the things she has to accomplish before the day ends, and she uses the list to remain one of the successful women leaders. To bring ideas in her business, the medical executives say that reading helps her a lot. Researching is also the secret to her numerous accomplishments. There are many people who depend on the knowledge shared by Deirdre Baggot through her publications. The books written by the executive are found all over the globe, and they have impacted the lives of millions of people.

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Sussex Healthcare’s Road To Sustainability

A medical facility is more than a location in the middle of a region. They are a beacon of hope for the ill, and a source of pride for local technology. Medical care is a universally required aspect of the human life. As such, it is critical that a facility be well equipped for whomever they encounter. Sussex Healthcare is a facility that has a proven business model of personality and top class treatment. A recent Gazette Day article describes where the company invests its resources into long-term success.

The medical facility is a place where some of the finest technology imaginable is gathered today. A good location is equipped to handle the issues and needs of any patient to enters the office. Sussex Healthcare specializes in the treatment of mentally ill adults and elderly individuals. This means the role of a nurse or doctor is much greater than in a normal practice. The first and foremost focus on the facility is training the employees in the newest medical techniques and interaction skills. This ensures each patient is treated with respect and given the most useful array of treatment options to choose from. Communication is a fundamental component of the process as a top healthcare facility.

The article quickly goes on to describes a worker named Lynn Lovett. She has been on the staff for over 22 years, and works in the upper mend sector. This puts in her in direct contact with individuals who lives are nearing their end. She enjoys the times she spends with each patient, and hopes her services positively impacted their life. She attempts to start the relationship before many individuals even walk through the door with outreach programs. Sussex Healthcare invests heavily into both employee recruitment, and public education sessions. They want the community to know that this is the most trusted location they can pick.

Sussex Healthcare has been able to build up a reputation like no other in the region. However, they are still not sitting still with their success. They are always looking for the newest medical innovations coming down the pipeline.

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