Financial Services Firm Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is a firm that specializes in financial advisory, debt management and commercial real estate. It is headquartered in Connecticut and has another office location in New York City. The firm has been in existence since the year 1996 and has established itself as one of the leading firms in providing businesses with comprehensive financial management. One of the things that makes Southridge Capital a leading financial services firm is its team of professionals. They are very experienced individuals who have lots of expertise. The professionals have a vast amount of knowledge that provides clients with the guidance they need to fulfill their unique objectives. Along with serving clients in the financial services industry, Southridge Capital is also committed to helping the community with philanthropic activities.


When clients are looking to work with Southridge Capital, they are able to get a number of beneficial services. Southridge Capital provides advisory services, debt management and commercial real estate. With advisory services, Southridge provides guidance and advice to businesses that are looking to better assess their financial situation. The firm will provide valuable insight into the company’s profitability, net worth and also on how to complete a merger and acquisition. Southridge Capital will also help companies manage their debt and raising capital. Lastly, the firm can help businesses more easily invest in commercial real estate by getting more access to needed funding.


According to crunchbase, Stephen Hicks is the founder and chief executive officer of Southridge Capital. In 1996 he founded the company after working in the finance industry for a number of years. He has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector. His experience in the field includes financial structuring, risk arbitrage and also investment banking. When he started up Southridge Capital, Hicks looked to provide a wide range of financial services that would help businesses more efficiently manage their capital. Today, he sets policies for the firm, devises strategies and also participates in business development. Before starting up his firm, Hicks worked at a hedge fund firm. The principal of the firm left and while the firm was closing down, Hicks decided to start his own company. Within a short time, his company became quite successful and he was then able to build it into the reputable firm it is today. You cant checkout their facebook page for more details.




Southridge Capital Keeps Connecticut Financially Connected

Southridge Capital is a Private Equity group of companies that have made a name in Connecticut as the people’s choice for securities and financial advice. The firm offers a wide range of financial services and solutions including consultancy on how to start companies and transform them into public entities. The company has invested over $81.8 billion in companies on the growth trajectory. So far, Southridge has funded over 250 listed companies.

Southridge Capital Services

As mentioned earlier in the introductory part of this piece, Southridge Capital offers its customers a wide range of financial services. Some of the basics include asset financing, consultancy on how to manage companies, documentation and financial policy matters. It also has helped organizations tune up their financial dealings until they realize a streamlined balance sheet. Southridge Capital is so popular among the Connecticut people, perhaps because it deals with both corporate and individual clients.

Southridge Capital Organizational Leadership Structure

Southridge Capital is headed by Mr. Stephen Hicks as its CEO. The CEO is in charge of developing business in the firm. According to, the CEO bears the company’s vision. He looks around and helps the board to identify the possible areas of business. He is also charged with the powers to sanction and commission important company projects with the permission of the board members. The Chief Financial Officer is Mr. Narine Persuad. The CFO is charged with managing cash at the firm and supervising accounting processes. The company has an important office called the Research Division. The research Division is extremely important because it is the one charged with advising the company on the facts regarding projects that the organization is either in the process of implementing or intends to carry out. The man in charge of the Research Division at Southridge is called Mr. Laurence J Ditkoff. He oversees valuations and other relevant research processes intended to validate the activities of the organization.

How Southridge Keeps is clientele Satisfied

Southridge Capital has a simplified way of asset financing and financial solutions. It has a team of highly trained experts who adjust the products according to the clients that seek assistance. It is run on the basis of respect for all clients and is inspired by fact-based advice from the market; thanks to its Research Division. Follow Southridge Capital on Facebook.