How to Plan a Party with Little to No Stress: Camille Styles Advises

Camille Styles’s advice for stress-free party planning stems from organization and an early start. In order to plan such a party, Camille’s fist step is to get organized. Her main tool for organization is the list, or multiple lists, to make sure she knows what her next step is in the process. Camille also suggests that a party planner uses a theme: a creative theme can turn a normal party into a festive one. Another way to amp up the enthusiasm at a party is to begin the guests’ anticipation early by sending out invitations. Online invitations are acceptable, but Camille favors card invitations, especially those that follow the party theme, when aiming to excite a possible guest.


Self-serve bars are yet another aspect of a party that not only allows guests to be creative in their own mixed drinks, but takes the pressure of hiring and/or being the bartender off of the host. However, Camille also suggests the host consider a “speciality cocktail”; one that is in tune with the party theme and will impress the guests. As far as food goes, Camille’s advice is to simplify the hors d’oeuvres. Not only do simply appetizers allow guests to partake in a greater variety, but they also require less preparation.


Table settings are another major part of party planning that Camille advocates. Keeping the table settings and decor simple, yet creative, gives the party an authenticity that overdone settings might lack. In addition, separating the kids’ eating area from the adults fosters better enthusiasm in each respective age group.


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