New Trading Platform Uses Blockchain Technology to Improve Forex Trading, a block-chain forex and cryptocurrency trading platform, is looking to clean up the online trading world. Since forex trading first appeared online, it has been plagued by scammers and unscrupulous marketers looking to make a quick buck off of innocent, profit-hungry traders.

While there are some legitimate forex and cryptocurrency trading brokers on the web, the vast majority have less than adequate reputations, to say the least. It is a simple fact, that the online currency world, in particular, has a long way to go before it improves its reputation amongst online traders. is a jump start in that direction. Aims to Solve the Problems Plaguing Online Forex Brokers

All-in-one Trading Platform

With its brand new pre-ICO launch, unveiled its trading platform, which includes trading for the following:




Precious Metals



Blockchain Technology

The company employs blockchain technology that uses a one-on-one trading system backed by incubators and think tanks filled with “geeks”, whose job it is to supply, improve, and innovate new technologies in order to provide traders with safe online trading in both forex and cryptocurrency markets, and commodity and equity markets as well.
Problem-solving Trading Platform seeks to solve 3 major problems with its new online trading platform: innovation, transparency, and dealings.

Lack of Transparency: Online trading platforms have a bad reputation when it comes to disclosing hidden fees and added trading costs to their customers., with its blockchain technology, is able to reduce and sometimes even completely eliminate extra costs commonly associated with online trading.

Dealing Desks: One common problem with most forex trading platforms is in regards to dealing desks. Basically, a dealing desk gives brokers the ability to trade against their client, which is seen as highly immoral and unethical within the trading world. With its blockchain technology, registers all trades on a public ledger that clients have free access, which makes it practically impossible to trade against the client without them knowing it.

Continuous Innovation: Most forex brokers do not feel that it is necessary to innovate their systems and platforms, causing inefficiencies in trades and added costs to their customers., however, employs a staff of academic incubators dedicated to constantly improve upon current blockchain technology so that trades can be executed faster, cheaper, and with more transparency than ever before.

The Future of Online Trading

While there are no guarantees that and its new blockchain technology will be able to clean-up the online trading world in a massive way, the company is taking a huge step in the right direction.

The only major obstacle that can be seen at this moment in regards to and similar platforms using blockchain technology, is whether or not online brokers will be able to integrate its platform in a way that not only benefits their clients but their bottom-line as well.