The Secret of Rocketship Education’s Success.

Rocketship Education prides itself on classroom management, technology use, and intervention. These key points were addressed at the National Charter School Association Conference in 2016 that was held in Nashville, TN. After the conference NPR, National Public Radio, depicted a rather severe picture of Rocketship Education. NPR questioned the schools use of discipline, culture, and boundaries. NPR also questioned what kind of technology is best for certain children and what technology may be harmful to certain children. This lead to questions about Rocketship’s Education staffing and teacher qualifications.

In most schools technology is the core of education. While NPR raises some good questions about Rocketship Education. It is better to look at the bigger picture and be aware of the responsibility society has regarding to children’s education. Schools should address the population on what steps are being taken to ensure each individual child is getting an excellent education.

Rocketship Education, is a non-profit charter school system. A charter school receives government funding but operates outside of the established state school system that the school is located within. The first Rocketship school opened in 2007 in San Jose, California. To date, Rocketship Education has 21 schools in the United States. Rocketship Education uses online and classroom teaching in conjunction with small group tutoring. This is called a hybrid model of individualized learning. This form of learning is highly successful in helping students from low-income families breach the achievement gap.

Since 2016, Rocketship Education has launched several new programs for its students. QueenHype is one such program, it empowers girls through communication in art and activism. The school offers a media literacy program which teaches children how to use media wisely. In 2018, students with an Individualized Educational Plan advanced a year and a quarter in math and reading.

While NPR raised some serious questions and was rather harsh when it concerned Rocketship Education. In 207 Rocketship Education addressed these questions within the system and changed it’s name to Rocketship Public Schools. As a result, enrollment has doubled and is expected to be on rise for the 2019-20 year.

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Publicly Polite in Private a Fighter

Betsy DeVos was nominated to Secretary of Education and approved by a narrow margin in the US Senate. The sharp public division over her service was indicative of her past. Mrs. DeVos has been a long time advocate of charter education.


Ms. DeVos is publicly polite, but she has earned a reputation for toughness through years of philanthropy, charter education advocacy, and political leadership. Early in the tenure is Secretary she urges certain policies that met opposition within the Administration. Betsy DeVos fought privately for certain views, but when the contrary position became policy, Secretary DeVos stood up and supported it. One should not believe however that is the end of the story, She has been faithful to her core principles and considers setbacks to be obstacles that one can overcome.


– A Core Formed from Childhood

Mrs. DeVos core beliefs about education grew from her childhood in the Dutch community of Holland Michigan. The ideas of Calvinism and the Christian Reformation were part of her upbringing. She attended private schools including Calvin College. The spirit of the Reformation included reliance upon church-based institutions of higher learning. Mrs, DeVos formed a belief early in her career that education was valuable and should not be from one or another exclusive source. She saw equal value in public, private, and church-based education.



– True to the Tradition of pluralism

The tradition of educational pluralism is central to Mrs. DeVos philosophy of Education. She believes that public education is just one of many types of valuable educational resource. The best education in her view is that which meets the needs of the child and his or her family.



– Reaching Out for a Cause

Mrs. DeVos made several tours early in her tenure as Secretary, and one was with the Rapper Pitbull in Florida. Her appearance recognized the contributions the popular Rapper as the sponsor of a series of charter schools. The developments included a location in his hometown of Miami. Pitbull has heard criticism about his music and lyrics; some critics object based on a perception of anti-female sentiments. Mrs. DeVos focused on his outstanding contributions to a cause she holds dear. Charter schools in many jurisdictions have made significant contributions.


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– Moving Forward

As Secretary of Education, Mrs. DeVos is engaged in a vital struggle over the future direction of education in the US; the issues squarely include difficult problems like the seeming epidemic of violence and attacks in public schools. As with other challenges in her life, Mrs, DeVos will fight for the ideas that she thinks are right. In the end, she will do what she can to promote education and student safety.