Article Title: Partners With Mineral Company San Miguel

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Jingdong Shengxian, better known as, has announced that it has partnered with citrus and mineral company San Miguel to start selling its products on its e-commerce platform. The partnership is set to further strengthen San Miguel’s presence across China. When it comes to e-commerce retailers in the region, there isn’t any bigger than; since being founded over a decade ago, it’s grown to become China’s largest online retailer with over 100 million active users. For, the partnership is just the first step in its Global Fruit Strategic Alliance campaign; the company has noted that this is aimed at improving the fruit and vegetable market in the region.

With that in mind, has partnered with a variety of other well-recognized fruit producers. Altogether there are 18 different companies signed up, with some of the most notable being Zespri and Wonderful Citrus. Having said that, the partnerships are set to be beneficial for all parties involved, with the positives including boosting business overall while encouraging healthy living among consumers. General Marketing Manager of Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division Wu Zhengzhi mentioned as much when he explained that the company was on a mission to get the world to eat better.

Zhengzhi also noted that it was a win-win situation, as both and its partners will see increased revenues over time. Furthermore, he also noted that the alliance would help bring them closer to their customers. Much of this is because has built up significant reputation for its engagement with customers while also exceeding their expectations. As such, the partnership with can bring tangible value to the business outside of the increased sales that they would see. Jingdong has always been known as an top innovative leader when it comes to developing cutting edge technologies to serve their customers’ needs better.

With this continual innovation and dedication to exceeding customer satisfaction, has grown to be the largest e-commerce retailer in China. Over the past decade, it has built up an active user base of over 100 million people and was recently estimated by Forbes to be worth over $11 billion.

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Article Title: Details On Richard Liu : Founder Of JD.Com

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There is business globalization and technological advancements almost everywhere today. In this way, retail physical infrastructure and the idea of creating a business that is sustainable is always changing with time. It is extremely hard for busy individuals to set time aside for shopping, hence there have been different advancements that allow streamlined, easy, swift and recent shopping solution. This has however has its own consequences such as, wasteful practices, environmental fall out and even unemployment whereby many people are at the risk of losing their jobs. There has been introduction of computers whereby someone can just make an order from the comfort of their homes and it will be delivered at their door step.

Companies are starting to discover the effects of these practices on the environment and are adding more effort to reduce it. This however might take time since not all companies are willing to change their ways. One of these companies that are dedicated into reducing environmental effects is JD.Com. This company was founded by Richard Liu who is also the Chief Executive Officer and he recently committed his company to embrace total transparency regarding its sustainable practices as well as environmental care.

About Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu attended Renmin University in China in the year 1996 where he attained a sociology degree. He spent most of his university life honing his knowledge in computer programming through freelance work. He also has a degree in EMBA and after graduation, he worked at health product company Japan Life. He was the director of business and computer as well as other roles.

He is the founder and CEO of which is amongst China’s largest companies offering e-commerce platforms and its estimated net worth by Forbes is around $7.3 billion. The company ensures it employs pope from all background giving them a chance to improve their standards of life. Richard Liu ensures his company creates environmentally friendly operations that will not cause harm to the environment. They also intend to set an example to the future generations so they can see the importance of taking care of the environment.

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Article Title: How Did The Latest AI Initiative By Jingdong Pan Out? Here Are The Details

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Anyone who keeps up to date with technology would know just how important artificial intelligence (AI) has become in our everyday lives. No matter if someone is trying to type a text through speech while driving, or if they are automating their home, AI proves to be at the center of the most innovative technologies.

That is why, when large scale companies such as Chinese retail giant Jingdong ( delve into this technology, it is considered just another Tuesday in today’s day and age.

But seeing that AI is still in its formative years, the technology is still subject to many trials and errors. That is why, the interesting thing happens when such ventures pan out with glaringly positive results.

And that is what happened with the latest AI initiative by Jingdong.

How Jingdong Achieved Tremendous Results with Its AI Initiative

Jingdong and its many technological ventures are not hidden from anyone. Not only is the firm one of the largest users of drone delivery for commercial purposes, but its many automation initiatives have also made their presence known.

It continues on that path with AI, where it has invested time, efforts and funds into quite a few programs. One such program comes in the form of its Jingdong AI Accelerator, which is an investment and support initiative for AI-based tech firms and startups.

Launched in August 2018, the AI Accelerator provides funding and functional support to its participants. This means that in addition to being eligible to funding, selected companies could also benefit from support functions such as Jingdong APIs, existing algorithms, and databases.

But that’s not all, since Jingdong also ensures to provide mentorship and guidance through its several departments such as marketing, product, management, as well as training in research and development.

Through these actions, Jingdong provides the companies with the resources they need.

The approach has seemed very fruitful, since out of the 16 participants that had joined this initiative, 80 percent have been able to develop and successfully execute their AI based solutions in various Jingdong businesses. This means that the solutions are not only being used, but they are contributing to the operations growth of a large scale organization.

While this is good news for Jingdong from a productivity point of view, it also serves the firm’s larger purpose behind launching this program; which was to explore real world use cases that could expand the usage of AI in everyday life.

With this success of the program, Jingdong has announced that its second round of participants will include 17 startups.

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Article Title: Proper Leadership Technique With

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Richard Liu says that when Jingdong was conceptualized in the Summer of 1998, the profitable business was extremely modest. After a few productive years, with a reliable business model and personalized marketing, Jingdong was able to expand tremendously in popularity. The current billion-dollar corporation, at the time, grew naturally to include twelve variety shops within the city of Beijing.

Richard Liu says heartily the collaborative business was enormously successful. However, in 2003 China experienced an outbreak of SARS and the trade had to redefine itself.

The CEO and Founder, decided to transform Jingdong in an exclusive e-commerce business, a decision that was made out of necessity. Richard Liu declares positively, that by change tactics, homebound consumers and his staff were able to continue conducting business without becoming susceptible to the devastating disease.

It was reasonably an honorable decision and one that Richard Liu sincerely believes he would make, over and over again.

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Edwin Miranda And The Tricks He Used To Become Successful

Life experiences have proved to us time and again just how much the power of performance can push the limits of human strengths and intelligence. The same can be said for Edwin Miranda who is the founder and current CEO of KOI IXS. KOI IXS is a performance-driven, full-service marketing agency to help brands move faster. Edwin Miranda’s company essentially works to help drive the global trends of global brands to a larger market share. The company does this by helping its clients to create meaningful customer engagement and also advises them on the best ways of acquiring new customers.

KOI IXS, led by Edwin Miranda, helps marketing companies to push their boundaries beyond what is possible. The marketing world is changing, and marketing and advertisement companies must keep up with the change to stay relevant. Edwin Miranda and his company work to fulfill its promise of delivering to its clients. Plus, the talented professional team that work behind the scene make all this possible. The company strives to ensure that every venture it partakes in is a success.

According to Edwin Miranda, attribution and predictive marketing are the two main trends that can drive bottom-line results to clients. Thanks to technological advancements, today, we can even use machine-learning technologies to help improve customer acquisition easily. Technology has also helped to boost customer growth which is what every marketing organization needs. KOI IXS helps make all this possible by predicting and attributing sales and results to outlets both online and offline. This helps the company have real-time data at all times which it can feed to its clients and team.

Edwin Miranda always stresses the idea of being bold and passionate about what you do. That is the only way of breaking your cocoon and making it in this industry. Smart people also make mistakes, and it is from these mistakes that they learn. That is the message that Miranda will always want to share with other aspiring marketers in industry.

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The Achievements Of Nexbank

Nexbank is one of the leading firms that is based in Dallas that specializes in offering financial based services and products to its clients. The firm has continued to build its stake over the years through the various partnerships and collaborations it has signed with other companies. The firm’s assets have also been increasing since its launch. It is one of the fast-growing companies in the country and with the help of its highly experienced team of executives, the firm has always striven to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Besides, the sponge also seeks to diversify its services and products, and as a result, it has always striven to find the views of its clients to identify the key products that they ought to avail to them.

Nexbank recently announced the successful completion and placement of its notes worth $54 million and to particular well-known investors and other institutions. The firm has continued to impact the lives of many people in many different ways. The team of the company always strives to pay close attention to the needs and opinions raised by its clients to come up with better means through which they can improve their operations. The efforts and commitment showed by the firm’s team has highly boosted its production, and it is today ranked among the best companies in the globe. Over the years, the firm has also been amended for the high-end services and products that it offers to its clients. Besides, the firm has also received a lot of positive feedback from many people for the great services that it provides to them.

Additionally, the company also comprises of a supportive team that not only seeks to motivate each other, but it also seeks to nurture talents among their clients as well as among themselves. The continuous efforts showed by the firm’s team has also impressed many people who have come out at large to ensure that they invest with the firm.

Nexbank Capital also serves various roles in ensuring that it brings different benefits to its clients by helping them with integrity and great discipline. The continuous concerns showed by the firm’s team has also provided that each client and employee of the firm receives proper treatment based on what they prefer. Besides, the firm also strives to bring its e tire team together with the aim of bringing c; clarity on what they need to do for the success of the latter.


Agera Energy Helps Many Businesses Get The Energy That They Need

Agera Energy is there for its customers when they have questions or need help figuring out their statements. The company allows everyone to get the plan that they want with its natural gas and electricity options, and it makes sure that they feel good about what they receive as it offers renewable energy, as well. Customers appreciate how straightforward the company is, and they like that they can rely on the energy from this company. Business customers appreciate that they never have to worry about their building and the energy that it is receiving when they use Agera Energy.

Customers appreciate the care that Agera Energy puts into everything that it does, including its customer service. The company was founded in 2014 but quickly grew and offers its services all across the United States. It is headquartered out of New York, and it has over 1 million customers. Agera Energy makes customers satisfied with the low cost of its services. People understand what they need to pay because the company works with them to figure out a customized plan. Many customers have told their stories about how the company has helped them through the pricing and reliability of its services.

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Sussex Healthcare’s Road To Sustainability

A medical facility is more than a location in the middle of a region. They are a beacon of hope for the ill, and a source of pride for local technology. Medical care is a universally required aspect of the human life. As such, it is critical that a facility be well equipped for whomever they encounter. Sussex Healthcare is a facility that has a proven business model of personality and top class treatment. A recent Gazette Day article describes where the company invests its resources into long-term success.

The medical facility is a place where some of the finest technology imaginable is gathered today. A good location is equipped to handle the issues and needs of any patient to enters the office. Sussex Healthcare specializes in the treatment of mentally ill adults and elderly individuals. This means the role of a nurse or doctor is much greater than in a normal practice. The first and foremost focus on the facility is training the employees in the newest medical techniques and interaction skills. This ensures each patient is treated with respect and given the most useful array of treatment options to choose from. Communication is a fundamental component of the process as a top healthcare facility.

The article quickly goes on to describes a worker named Lynn Lovett. She has been on the staff for over 22 years, and works in the upper mend sector. This puts in her in direct contact with individuals who lives are nearing their end. She enjoys the times she spends with each patient, and hopes her services positively impacted their life. She attempts to start the relationship before many individuals even walk through the door with outreach programs. Sussex Healthcare invests heavily into both employee recruitment, and public education sessions. They want the community to know that this is the most trusted location they can pick.

Sussex Healthcare has been able to build up a reputation like no other in the region. However, they are still not sitting still with their success. They are always looking for the newest medical innovations coming down the pipeline.

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New Residential Investment Corporation Rundown

Here’s the elevator pitch, New Residential Investment Corp (NRZ) is considered a ‘strong buy’ among stock market professionals. ‘Strong buy’ is a term used by market analysts which basically conveys highest recommendation.

Despite high-risk levels, investing in New Residential Investment Corp should net some serious profits, as NRZ currently comes with an entry dividend of 11.6%. New Residential Investment Corp primarily deals with mortgage assets and all of the minutia included in that realm, such as mortgage servicing rights, service advances, residential securities, call rights, and individual and residential loans. Simply stated, New Residential Investment Corporation is a real estate investment trust, but is still diversified enough to produce dividends for shareholders.

NRZ has also shown interest in further diversifying their portfolio, specifically in unsecured homeowner loans and consumer loans. While these are technically diversification actions, they still are close enough to the realm of New Residential Investment Corporation to fit within their realm of expertise.

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Talkspace Adds Chief Medical Officer, Will Begin Prescribing Medication

The company that brought instant therapy sessions with a qualified psychologist to your smartphone has taken a major step forward by hiring a chief medical officer. Talkspace, with more than one million active users paying to get instant counseling through an app, says the addition of a medical officer will enable the company to begin prescribing medications. Talkspace CEO Oren Frank says the ability to offer prescriptions to the company customer base fills a critical need.

Talkspace was founded by Oren Frank along with his wife Roni Frank in 2012. The app is available for use on smartphones, computer tablets, home computers or any online device. It charges $79 for a weekly chat with a licensed psychologist and $49 for the ability to message a mental health expert. The company has grown rapidly. It surpassed a million regular users in just five years and is generating tens of millions of dollars annually.

Oren Frank said hiring a Chief Medical Officer will also allow Talkspace to build its enterprise business as it ramps up to launch an IPO. Find out more about of Oren Frank at Huffpost.

As for prescribing medicines, Oren Frank said that, as of now, it can only be done through using a video tool that allows direct face-to-face consultation between therapist and patient. State and federal regulations require video conferences for services that involve prescribing medication. It remains uncertain if opioids will be allowed under the conditions of current Talkspace protocols.

Online therapy is a concept whose time has arrived, Oren Frank said. He notes that depression and anxiety among millenials has been on a rapid increase in recent years. That’s precisely the demographic that feels most comfortable with accessing mental health services through a smartphone app.

It’s also significant to note that most Talkspace users stay with the service for months as repeat or ongoing customers, Oren Frank said.