Article Title: Partners With Mineral Company San Miguel

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Jingdong Shengxian, better known as, has announced that it has partnered with citrus and mineral company San Miguel to start selling its products on its e-commerce platform. The partnership is set to further strengthen San Miguel’s presence across China. When it comes to e-commerce retailers in the region, there isn’t any bigger than; since being founded over a decade ago, it’s grown to become China’s largest online retailer with over 100 million active users. For, the partnership is just the first step in its Global Fruit Strategic Alliance campaign; the company has noted that this is aimed at improving the fruit and vegetable market in the region.

With that in mind, has partnered with a variety of other well-recognized fruit producers. Altogether there are 18 different companies signed up, with some of the most notable being Zespri and Wonderful Citrus. Having said that, the partnerships are set to be beneficial for all parties involved, with the positives including boosting business overall while encouraging healthy living among consumers. General Marketing Manager of Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division Wu Zhengzhi mentioned as much when he explained that the company was on a mission to get the world to eat better.

Zhengzhi also noted that it was a win-win situation, as both and its partners will see increased revenues over time. Furthermore, he also noted that the alliance would help bring them closer to their customers. Much of this is because has built up significant reputation for its engagement with customers while also exceeding their expectations. As such, the partnership with can bring tangible value to the business outside of the increased sales that they would see. Jingdong has always been known as an top innovative leader when it comes to developing cutting edge technologies to serve their customers’ needs better.

With this continual innovation and dedication to exceeding customer satisfaction, has grown to be the largest e-commerce retailer in China. Over the past decade, it has built up an active user base of over 100 million people and was recently estimated by Forbes to be worth over $11 billion.

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Article Title: Details On Richard Liu : Founder Of JD.Com

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There is business globalization and technological advancements almost everywhere today. In this way, retail physical infrastructure and the idea of creating a business that is sustainable is always changing with time. It is extremely hard for busy individuals to set time aside for shopping, hence there have been different advancements that allow streamlined, easy, swift and recent shopping solution. This has however has its own consequences such as, wasteful practices, environmental fall out and even unemployment whereby many people are at the risk of losing their jobs. There has been introduction of computers whereby someone can just make an order from the comfort of their homes and it will be delivered at their door step.

Companies are starting to discover the effects of these practices on the environment and are adding more effort to reduce it. This however might take time since not all companies are willing to change their ways. One of these companies that are dedicated into reducing environmental effects is JD.Com. This company was founded by Richard Liu who is also the Chief Executive Officer and he recently committed his company to embrace total transparency regarding its sustainable practices as well as environmental care.

About Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu attended Renmin University in China in the year 1996 where he attained a sociology degree. He spent most of his university life honing his knowledge in computer programming through freelance work. He also has a degree in EMBA and after graduation, he worked at health product company Japan Life. He was the director of business and computer as well as other roles.

He is the founder and CEO of which is amongst China’s largest companies offering e-commerce platforms and its estimated net worth by Forbes is around $7.3 billion. The company ensures it employs pope from all background giving them a chance to improve their standards of life. Richard Liu ensures his company creates environmentally friendly operations that will not cause harm to the environment. They also intend to set an example to the future generations so they can see the importance of taking care of the environment.

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Article Title: How Did The Latest AI Initiative By Jingdong Pan Out? Here Are The Details

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Anyone who keeps up to date with technology would know just how important artificial intelligence (AI) has become in our everyday lives. No matter if someone is trying to type a text through speech while driving, or if they are automating their home, AI proves to be at the center of the most innovative technologies.

That is why, when large scale companies such as Chinese retail giant Jingdong ( delve into this technology, it is considered just another Tuesday in today’s day and age.

But seeing that AI is still in its formative years, the technology is still subject to many trials and errors. That is why, the interesting thing happens when such ventures pan out with glaringly positive results.

And that is what happened with the latest AI initiative by Jingdong.

How Jingdong Achieved Tremendous Results with Its AI Initiative

Jingdong and its many technological ventures are not hidden from anyone. Not only is the firm one of the largest users of drone delivery for commercial purposes, but its many automation initiatives have also made their presence known.

It continues on that path with AI, where it has invested time, efforts and funds into quite a few programs. One such program comes in the form of its Jingdong AI Accelerator, which is an investment and support initiative for AI-based tech firms and startups.

Launched in August 2018, the AI Accelerator provides funding and functional support to its participants. This means that in addition to being eligible to funding, selected companies could also benefit from support functions such as Jingdong APIs, existing algorithms, and databases.

But that’s not all, since Jingdong also ensures to provide mentorship and guidance through its several departments such as marketing, product, management, as well as training in research and development.

Through these actions, Jingdong provides the companies with the resources they need.

The approach has seemed very fruitful, since out of the 16 participants that had joined this initiative, 80 percent have been able to develop and successfully execute their AI based solutions in various Jingdong businesses. This means that the solutions are not only being used, but they are contributing to the operations growth of a large scale organization.

While this is good news for Jingdong from a productivity point of view, it also serves the firm’s larger purpose behind launching this program; which was to explore real world use cases that could expand the usage of AI in everyday life.

With this success of the program, Jingdong has announced that its second round of participants will include 17 startups.

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Article Title: Proper Leadership Technique With

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Richard Liu says that when Jingdong was conceptualized in the Summer of 1998, the profitable business was extremely modest. After a few productive years, with a reliable business model and personalized marketing, Jingdong was able to expand tremendously in popularity. The current billion-dollar corporation, at the time, grew naturally to include twelve variety shops within the city of Beijing.

Richard Liu says heartily the collaborative business was enormously successful. However, in 2003 China experienced an outbreak of SARS and the trade had to redefine itself.

The CEO and Founder, decided to transform Jingdong in an exclusive e-commerce business, a decision that was made out of necessity. Richard Liu declares positively, that by change tactics, homebound consumers and his staff were able to continue conducting business without becoming susceptible to the devastating disease.

It was reasonably an honorable decision and one that Richard Liu sincerely believes he would make, over and over again.

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Edwin Miranda And The Tricks He Used To Become Successful

Life experiences have proved to us time and again just how much the power of performance can push the limits of human strengths and intelligence. The same can be said for Edwin Miranda who is the founder and current CEO of KOI IXS. KOI IXS is a performance-driven, full-service marketing agency to help brands move faster. Edwin Miranda’s company essentially works to help drive the global trends of global brands to a larger market share. The company does this by helping its clients to create meaningful customer engagement and also advises them on the best ways of acquiring new customers.

KOI IXS, led by Edwin Miranda, helps marketing companies to push their boundaries beyond what is possible. The marketing world is changing, and marketing and advertisement companies must keep up with the change to stay relevant. Edwin Miranda and his company work to fulfill its promise of delivering to its clients. Plus, the talented professional team that work behind the scene make all this possible. The company strives to ensure that every venture it partakes in is a success.

According to Edwin Miranda, attribution and predictive marketing are the two main trends that can drive bottom-line results to clients. Thanks to technological advancements, today, we can even use machine-learning technologies to help improve customer acquisition easily. Technology has also helped to boost customer growth which is what every marketing organization needs. KOI IXS helps make all this possible by predicting and attributing sales and results to outlets both online and offline. This helps the company have real-time data at all times which it can feed to its clients and team.

Edwin Miranda always stresses the idea of being bold and passionate about what you do. That is the only way of breaking your cocoon and making it in this industry. Smart people also make mistakes, and it is from these mistakes that they learn. That is the message that Miranda will always want to share with other aspiring marketers in industry.

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Neurocore Muscle Tech Products are Designed to Enhance your Workouts

Neurocore by Muscle Tech is an energy enhancement product for people who workout. This powered enhancement formula was created to provide people with maximal energy for their workout routines and their training regimens. Remember that people often need natural energy boosting substance that can help to improve their effectiveness in the gym, on the court and field and in the arena.

Neurocore was created in 2013 by Muscle Tech. The company realized that athletes and people that exercise sometimes need extra energy to get going. This powered enhancement formula provides this type of benefit. The substance contains ingredients such as beta-alanine and creatine. To know more about about the company click here.

Neurocore products are sold in different flavors and they can also be used for different purposes. Some of the products can help to boost a person’s muscle building productivity. Other products by Neurocore improve energy and the ability stay on task during your workout. Ultimately, Neurocore products help to boost energy levels, build muscle and improve stamina.

Deirdre Baggot Career in Bundled Payments

Deirdre Baggot career in the medical profession has been one of the most successful. Her excellent performance in school helped her climb the success ladder so fast, and this is why the medical professional commands so much respect. Deirdre is acknowledged by millions of people in the medical department for being the pioneer of bundled payments. People want to know how an ordinary woman came up with such a brilliant idea. Her story is always used to motivate other personalities in the society, especially women. Baggot teaches university students about bundled payments, and she has also written many publications about the same subject. The medical professional has been able to form great relationships with executives in the market. Many hospitals and healthcare companies are experiencing efficiency in their working places because they embraced the bundled payment introduced by Baggot Deirdre. Find out more about Deirdre at

For Deirdre Baggot, a typical day is filled with so many activities. The businesswoman has been working for the last fifteen years, and she has now understood how to balance her personal and professional life with so much ease. There are so many meetings to attend and calls to be received. She has however discovered the secret of putting a simple deadline to all her goals so that she can remain focused. Baggot writes down all the things she has to accomplish before the day ends, and she uses the list to remain one of the successful women leaders. To bring ideas in her business, the medical executives say that reading helps her a lot. Researching is also the secret to her numerous accomplishments. There are many people who depend on the knowledge shared by Deirdre Baggot through her publications. The books written by the executive are found all over the globe, and they have impacted the lives of millions of people.

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The successful career of Bhanu Choudhrie

Born in 1978, Bhanu Choudhrie moved to the united states form his motherland India in the early 2000s. He has already made a name for himself through the notable achievements he has acquired through his career as an entrepreneur. The duo has also impacted the economy of the country through his profitable investments. He continues to build his knowledge on his field of specialization through research and innovation. As the executive director of the famous C&C Alpha Group, he has also created employment and helped people acquire better standards of living. Over the years, his career has continued to flourish thanks to the dedication and commitment he has shown.

View Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile at Linkedin.

Bhanu Choudhrie has also impressed a considerable number of individuals through his ability to work according to his schedule. As a timekeeper, the duo has always ensured that he accomplishes all his pans of the day. He never hesitates to accept correction whenever he goes wrong, and his humility has also enabled him to build a strong relationship with other people, particularly his clients and employees. Besides, he has also exercised selflessness at the workplace, and the targets towards ensuring that all his workers are happy and comfortable at the workplace. The hard work he has put in his work has also enabled him to achieve most of his targets within his set time. He does not settle for less but instead works hard to identify tips that will help him boost his career. The notable developments he has brought in the firm have also been associated with his supportive nature as well as his ability to hold responsibility in everything he does.

On the other hand, Bhanu Choudhrie has also been recognized by many people and organizations for the notable developments he has brought. He was recently honored as the Asian entrepreneur of the year, and through it, he gained more motivation to keep moving and chasing his dreams despite the numerous challenges he goes through in the running of his business. Bhanu Choudhrie is an inspiration to many people, and he seeks to bring an impact in the lives of others through encouraging them and helping them identify their dreams.

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Wes Edens more than a sports fun

Wes Edens commenced his career in finance with California savings and loan. Later in 1987, he joined Lehman Brothers, where he was in charge of mortgage trading and also served as the managing director as well as a partner. In 1993, he joined BlackRock where he served as the managing director and was in charge of it’s an affiliate company. After that, we Edens started his first equity fund called BlackRock Asset investors.

Later in 1997, he became the managing director of affiliates in UBS. 1n 1998 he helped in founding Fortress Investment Group, which is currently one of the biggest investment companies in the world.

Wallstreet journal named Wes Edens as the ‘New King of Subprime Lending’ after his company purchased a firm previously known as American General Finance where Wes became the chairman. Later Fortress also acquired another mortgage lender formerly known as Context Home Equity Company.  For more information, check out Wes Edens on Youtube.

His success in the finance sector can be attributed to his strong foundation in the finance sector. In 1986, he graduated from Oregon States Univerity with a degree in finance and business administration.

Wes Edens is also a philanthropist in heart, supporting different causes. Such autism speaks, education, environmental conservation, art and natural history among many others. By 2016 his lifetime giving were more than $2.7 million.

In 2016 and 2011 Macalester College received $1million from Wes. Mathis Vineyard Hospital also received $700,000 within four years. Between 2010 and 2012 Samuel Waxman Cancer Foundation also received $150,000.

Wes Edens has stricken a balance between work and leisure, he is a man with a sports passion, some of his hobbies include athletics and mountain climbing. He has climbed the Grand Teton in Wyoming as well as Matterhorn in Switzerland. To top up on his mountain climbing hobby. Edens owns ice axes which have been signed by famous mountain climbers.

Wes Edens is also a big soccer fan, in 2014 he invested an undisclosed amount in Milwaukee buck which is a soccer club and promised the clubs previous owner that he would build a new stadium for the club to stay in Wisconsin.

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Sussex Healthcare and its Efforts to Create a Better Future

Sussex Healthcare has always aimed at keeping up with the changing trends in the healthcare industry since the beginning. Its employees, as well, work hard to ensure that they are not left behind when it comes to meeting the demands of the organization and the industry. As an outcome, Sussex Healthcare is focusing on moving towards a future that will be characterized by providing support and services for its customers, which are not only high-quality but affordable as well.

One of the ways that Sussex Healthcare is using to ensure that it is moving forward pertains to the provision of trained staff in every home under the care of this organization. Through the supervision of upper management, these employees are improving conditions, rectifying issues and making a positive change in the lives of the residents. However, the entity knows that change can trigger opposition from some people while making others unsettled. Thus, Sussex Health assures those who will be affected by this process that the change is beneficial.

Sussex Healthcare has been taking the initiative to educate or bring awareness to people living in the communities within its residential homes about the need of being part of the organization’s family. Lynn, one of the employees who has been part of the Upper Mead for more than two decades, indicates that she takes her team to Spring Hills, which is a local sheltered housing entity. Sussex Healthcare: Celebrating 25 Years of Care.

Here, she educates the people by telling them the type of services and support that will be available at Upper Mead if there comes a time they feel that they need such care. Lily, Maries, and a third resident indicate that they have the opportunity of enjoying activities as well as meal times together; thus making each day different.

To ensure that it has the relevant personnel to keep up with the demand for the services and support provided, Sussex Healthcare has a dedicated IT team that is available to solve all the IT-related problems. The organization is also engaged in the recruitment of new staff, and it has a human resource department that is capable of meeting the demands of the organization. The entity has also become more engaged with the activities taking place across all homes to ensure that quality care is provided.

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