Talkspace: Online Therapy and New Solutions

There’s nothing worse when you have to suffer in silence because you are dealing with a mental illness you cannot share with your friends or family. Traditional therapy sessions are slowly becoming the last place anyone who wants to go. A new innovative way for people dealing with mental illness and reaching out to therapist can now be down through a revolutionary application called Talkspace. This allows users to sign up for a fee and be connected to a therapist that matches their issues within minutes.

The company has continued to grow and find success in reaching out to those quietly dealing with mental health problems. Recently, Talkspace has been endorsed and found a new board member in Michael Phelps. With all of his success as a champion swimmer, 28 medals, Phelps was in a world of his own when it came to dealing with his personal mental health issues. He has shared a story about feeling lost for many years. Research shows that nearly 56 percent of adults are likely not to seek out treatment.

Talkspace welcomes Michael Phelps to the team and are happy he is helping them spread the new about their services to those facing mental health issues. Michael Phelps has taken it upon himself to bring more awareness to professional therapy as millions of people are in need of it. He encourages many who are suffering alone to talk to your friends and family or even your teammates. More importantly, find a professional therapist you can work with.

For users, Talkspace is a game-changer as it offers a portable application that can be accessed only online through text messages when chatting with your specific therapist. Their current user base has exploded to 1 million people. The way it works is that you can send unlimited texts, pictures, audio and even video messages to your therapist. This can be done either on your cell phone through the application or directly from a computer web browser.

Talkspace has a list of licensed therapists on hand ready to help users. Oren and Ronnie frank started the company back in 2012.