A Whole New World of Air Travel with Surf Air

Surf Air is an airline that was established in 2013 to provide better and innovative travel packages to the clients. The unique feature about the airline is that it is subscription-based and operates like most membership clubs. The firm currently serves the travelers in California, Texas, and Europe. After paying a monthly fee, the members are allowed to book unlimited flights to their preferred destinations. To cater to the needs of more clients, the airline developed two more packages, corporate, and leisure membership. One of the main aims of setting up the airline was to promote regional business.

Surf Air has partnered with All Roads North to improve the experience of their clients. All Roads North is a travel company with its roots in California and is known for organizing road trips around the country. In celebration of their 5-year anniversary, the airline planned to offer promotional packages to its members. The initiative is expected to reward and promote the loyalty of the customers. Initially, the airline was meant to help the members to make the best out of their weekends. The partnership aims at allowing the members to enjoy services from some of the best hotels, lodges, and other entertainment outlets.

Joining Surf Airs has many advantages. The most important one is the convenient traveling around the country and also getting a chance to interact with some of the pioneers of the sector. The membership enables you to make good use of your time. Other partnerships that Surf Air has initiated is with Private Suit LAX. Under the agreement, the premium and premium members are expected to benefit from a complimentary annual membership which is valued at $4,500. The members will also enjoy lower rates to a new private terminal that was established at the Los Angeles International Airport.

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Surf Air is Revolutionizing Air Travel