Matthew Fleeger Helps Family Oil Business Grow

Matthew Fleeger is one of the big names in the Texan oil industry. As the Chief Executive Officer, Director, and President of Gulf Coast Western, he has been helping the company achieve a strong period of growth over the last few years. While he has found a lot of success in the oil industry, it is by far not the only industry that Matthew Fleeger has a corporate interest in. In addition to oil and gas, he has also worked in the tanning and medical waste industries. He has open 2 businesses that have become highly successful in their respective fields.

He earned his bachelors degree in Business Administration at Southern Methodist University in their school of business. The skills and talent that Matthew Fleeger shows as a corporate leader are respected by others around the world. Among the things that he values as a businessman are adaptability, open-mindedness, and resourcefulness. Recognizing the importance and value of every member of your team is something that is vital to the success of your business. It’s important to acknowledge the contributions that they make to the company. Over the years, he has worked with key players in their respective industries that have led to important partners and mentors.

Gulf Coast Western was founded by the father of Matthew Fleeger in 1970 and he had worked for the business when he was younger. When he returned to the company, he began working on helping the company grow by creating new partnerships and making acquisitions. When the company was first founded, it put most of his focus on local interests. Now, they have been expanding rapidly and how have operations and other activities in several states around the United States. Some of these include Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Colorado with plans to grow even more

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