Serge Belamant: A Creative Software Developer Whose Work Helped To Positively Change The Banking Industry

Serge Belamant is a software developer who is the original patent holder of blockchain technologies. He has been a part of the creation of multiple cryptocurrencies and has worked with many different banks to improve their efficiency. Belamant was born in France, but he moved to South Africa when he was younger. He took part in many different chess tournaments in the South African Chess school championship, where he was a representative for Southern Transvaal.

Serge Belamant studied at Witwatersrand University as well as the University of South Africa. He focused on information and computer systems during his college days and also learned about engineering. He started out his working life by serving with Matrix and helped to predict droughts by creating an application. He was later recognized as the analyst of the year in the early 1980s as a reward for all of his hard work.

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Serge Belamant helped to create the VIB network, some years later, which was eventually purchased by Volkskas. He also worked with Bancorp as a special consultant, where he looked into risk management. His hard work with the company paid off as he earned a full membership into the RSA computer society. Belamant later built a program that looked into companies to see how sustainable their practices actually are.

After working with Bancorp for some time, Serge Belamant made a move to SASWITCH, where he served as the head of its IT division. It was there that he helped to develop and roll out the SASWITCH system. After the banks decided to not implement the POS system he created, he made the decision to move on from SASWITCH in order to create his own company. This company was named Net1, and it was founded in 1989.

Serge Belamant worked with Visa through Net1 by creating an app for the company. He was the man who created the original chip technology that is now used in the credit and debit cards of today. His original creation helped to reduce fraud, and it opened many other doors for Belamant in his industry. He has continued to find success in all of his endeavors.

Source: Serge Belamant and the Birth of Blockchain Technology

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