Article Title: Steve Ritchie of Papa Johns Writes Letter to Reach Out to Customers

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During 2018, Papa Johns dealt with some adversity due to the recent actions of its founder. The founder of Papa Johns John Schnatter said some things on a conference call that were deemed to be insensitive to racial minorities. With these remarks, both him and his company have received a considerable backlash. In response to this recent backlash, Papa Johns top executive Steve Ritchie made a statement in which he apologized for the founders conduct and has promised to regain a positive reputation among the public.

When looking to address the recent backlash of Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie will implement a plan that will likely help the company. One of the things that he has planned is to have experts of cultural diversity visit the company headquarters to examine its inclusion policies. Papa Johns is going to allow experts to oversee the company culture and make recommendations on how it can improve. This is an important step in allowing Papa Johns to prove to the public that it is accepting to people of all backgrounds.

Steve Ritchie also plans to visit a number of Papa Johns franchise locations along with other company executives. He will have conversations with franchise owners and their employees. During these conversations, he will look to get feedback from them on how Papa Johns can improve its standing in local communities.

When Steve Ritchie wrote this letter, he said that he wants customers and the public to hold Papa Johns accountable. This will help the company find out about its deficiencies and work towards correcting them. If Papa Johns corrects its deficiencies, it will emerge as a better company. Steve hopes that his new plan will enable Papa Johns to overcome the recent adversity that it has been dealing with over the past year.

A number of business insiders commended Ritchie for drafting this letter. They believe that he has reached out to Papa Johns customers and the public. With a well done letter, Steve has been able to address the concerns of the public and prove that Papa Johns is a company that accepts all members of the community.

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