Article Title: Brings New Zealands Apple And Kiwifruit To China

Article Text: is now offering apples and kiwifruits from New Zealand to Chinese consumers. The Chinese e-commerce giant recently forged reinforced partnerships with New Zealand market leaders Rockit Global Limited and Zespri. This latest move of JingDong or further widens its offerings in the field of fresh produce. has more than 300 million customers who are into purchasing imported produce. These customers prefer imported and high-quality kiwifruits and snack-sized apples from Rockit Global Limited and Zespri. According to the company’s data, the biggest share in terms of fruit sales accounted for fresh produce from abroad.

In addition, platform reveals that in 2018, the sales in this particular increased by 20 percent compared to its performance two years ago. Customers who prefer imported produce are middle-class and young with a strong conviction in maintaining good health and personal nutrition. Recently, the fruit exports of New Zealand to China have reached NZ$606 million.

In terms of sales, these produce from New Zealand increased by more than 8 percent last year. China is the top market in terms of imported kiwifruit. The kiwi industry supports around 18,000 jobs in New Zealand. This includes the 2,600 growers of kiwifruit.

In 2017, Zespri first established its flagship store in’s platform. Its recent move includes selling through’s online grocery store called 7FRESH. Zespri was able to capitalize on the global capabilities offered by one of the most advanced and largest online retailers in China.

Rockit Global Limited also forged a partnership with and launches an exclusive store in the company’s platform. Rockit apples are available to online and offline customers of This fresh produce was first introduced to the Chinese market during the start of New Zealand’s apple production season.

With the growing demand of Chinese consumers for fresh foods, or JingDong capitalizes on its international reach and excellence cold-chain logistics to ensure that the company only buys the highest quality fresh produce. China’s e-commerce titan, at present, sources products from more than 50 regions and countries. It offers over 110,000 fresh imported products to its customers.’s nationwide cold-chain logistics network is available to more than 300 cities in China.

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