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OSI Food Solutions keeps growing and developing its global reach and company value. What’s more, it looks like the only place it can go, is further up.

Currently, OSI Food Solutions has over 20,000 employees working in 65 facilities located in 17 countries. Yet this cross-global company started over 100 years ago with the vision and skill of just one man. It is now one of U.S.’s largest privately held companies.

In fact, you wouldn’t know it by looking at where they are now, but this global company started as a small meat market in the town of Oak Park, Illinois. The grand dreams of the meat market’s owner, Otto Kolschowsky, and his remarkable meats brought about relocation to a bigger market in a Chicago suburb.

This delectable meat market’s first name was, “Otto & Sons.” Otto & Son’s stellar reputation for some of the highest quality meat anywhere in the mid-west region contributed to its rapid growth, development, and one of the best historical partnerships ever recorded.

In 1955 Otto & Sons partnered with another Illinois entrepreneur by the name of Ray Kroc. Mr. Kroc was opening up a restaurant and needed a trustworthy and quality beef supplier. The restaurant’s name was McDonald’s. It didn’t take long for the two companies to start making history together!

After this brilliant and strategic partnership growth rapidly followed. By 1973 Otto & Sons opened their first processing meat plant. By 1975, Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Food Solutions.

During the 1990s, OSI Food Solutions kept making strategic partnerships which eventually gave them a global value-added food product empire. During the early 2000’s they began another expansion movement into India, China, Europe, and Australia.

OSI Food Solution’s prices are competitive because they are already a global player on the stage in the world’s food supply chain. The company continually and rigorously enforces food safety and product quality.

OSI Food Solutions global expansion is exceptional because they combine their small-town home values with an international flair. This gives them an added bonus of being able to perform effective research and development for their next strategic expansion market.

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