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Jingdong Shengxian, better known as, has announced that it has partnered with citrus and mineral company San Miguel to start selling its products on its e-commerce platform. The partnership is set to further strengthen San Miguel’s presence across China. When it comes to e-commerce retailers in the region, there isn’t any bigger than; since being founded over a decade ago, it’s grown to become China’s largest online retailer with over 100 million active users. For, the partnership is just the first step in its Global Fruit Strategic Alliance campaign; the company has noted that this is aimed at improving the fruit and vegetable market in the region.

With that in mind, has partnered with a variety of other well-recognized fruit producers. Altogether there are 18 different companies signed up, with some of the most notable being Zespri and Wonderful Citrus. Having said that, the partnerships are set to be beneficial for all parties involved, with the positives including boosting business overall while encouraging healthy living among consumers. General Marketing Manager of Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division Wu Zhengzhi mentioned as much when he explained that the company was on a mission to get the world to eat better.

Zhengzhi also noted that it was a win-win situation, as both and its partners will see increased revenues over time. Furthermore, he also noted that the alliance would help bring them closer to their customers. Much of this is because has built up significant reputation for its engagement with customers while also exceeding their expectations. As such, the partnership with can bring tangible value to the business outside of the increased sales that they would see. Jingdong has always been known as an top innovative leader when it comes to developing cutting edge technologies to serve their customers’ needs better.

With this continual innovation and dedication to exceeding customer satisfaction, has grown to be the largest e-commerce retailer in China. Over the past decade, it has built up an active user base of over 100 million people and was recently estimated by Forbes to be worth over $11 billion.

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