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There is business globalization and technological advancements almost everywhere today. In this way, retail physical infrastructure and the idea of creating a business that is sustainable is always changing with time. It is extremely hard for busy individuals to set time aside for shopping, hence there have been different advancements that allow streamlined, easy, swift and recent shopping solution. This has however has its own consequences such as, wasteful practices, environmental fall out and even unemployment whereby many people are at the risk of losing their jobs. There has been introduction of computers whereby someone can just make an order from the comfort of their homes and it will be delivered at their door step.

Companies are starting to discover the effects of these practices on the environment and are adding more effort to reduce it. This however might take time since not all companies are willing to change their ways. One of these companies that are dedicated into reducing environmental effects is JD.Com. This company was founded by Richard Liu who is also the Chief Executive Officer and he recently committed his company to embrace total transparency regarding its sustainable practices as well as environmental care.

About Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu attended Renmin University in China in the year 1996 where he attained a sociology degree. He spent most of his university life honing his knowledge in computer programming through freelance work. He also has a degree in EMBA and after graduation, he worked at health product company Japan Life. He was the director of business and computer as well as other roles.

He is the founder and CEO of which is amongst China’s largest companies offering e-commerce platforms and its estimated net worth by Forbes is around $7.3 billion. The company ensures it employs pope from all background giving them a chance to improve their standards of life. Richard Liu ensures his company creates environmentally friendly operations that will not cause harm to the environment. They also intend to set an example to the future generations so they can see the importance of taking care of the environment.

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