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Igor Cornelsen has had a long life’s journey to becoming the esteemed investment advisor he is today. Through it all, he has at times to endure moments of inflection as he switched courses and careers as a result thereof. The exciting bit is how he has triumphantly risen over the ordeals to establish himself as a brand.

He was born in 1947 in Brazil. Just like any ordinary kid, he began his elementary education and tertiary education. From an early age, he has vivid shown interest in technical works and therefore got enrolled at the Federal University of Parana to pursue a degree course in engineering. This was not just a prestigious course at the time, but the school was equally highly regarded in the State of Parana. Life presented him with other pleasantries, and after graduating he choose to pursue a course in Economic, his new found passion. Igor Cornelsen graduated with honors in 1970 at the same institution.

Following this, he embarked on the long path along this profession at an investment bank. His ability to calculate complex compounded interest rates made him very resourceful. Sooner or later, Igor Cornelsen got appointed to the Multibanco Board of Directors; the Bank of America later acquired this institution.

About Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian elite member and a respected investment adviser. He has helped many struggling businesses and enterprises get up on their feet. His unique comprehension of the economy and trade, ability to enact effective business strategies, identify appropriate investments and guide on financing has made him be sought after, and his advisory relied upon even by the Brazilian government. Elsewhere, he has worked for the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, the Libra Bank PLC and managed some institutions and stocks. He currently lives in Sao Paulo with his family.

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