Article Title: How Did The Latest AI Initiative By Jingdong Pan Out? Here Are The Details

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Anyone who keeps up to date with technology would know just how important artificial intelligence (AI) has become in our everyday lives. No matter if someone is trying to type a text through speech while driving, or if they are automating their home, AI proves to be at the center of the most innovative technologies.

That is why, when large scale companies such as Chinese retail giant Jingdong ( delve into this technology, it is considered just another Tuesday in today’s day and age.

But seeing that AI is still in its formative years, the technology is still subject to many trials and errors. That is why, the interesting thing happens when such ventures pan out with glaringly positive results.

And that is what happened with the latest AI initiative by Jingdong.

How Jingdong Achieved Tremendous Results with Its AI Initiative

Jingdong and its many technological ventures are not hidden from anyone. Not only is the firm one of the largest users of drone delivery for commercial purposes, but its many automation initiatives have also made their presence known.

It continues on that path with AI, where it has invested time, efforts and funds into quite a few programs. One such program comes in the form of its Jingdong AI Accelerator, which is an investment and support initiative for AI-based tech firms and startups.

Launched in August 2018, the AI Accelerator provides funding and functional support to its participants. This means that in addition to being eligible to funding, selected companies could also benefit from support functions such as Jingdong APIs, existing algorithms, and databases.

But that’s not all, since Jingdong also ensures to provide mentorship and guidance through its several departments such as marketing, product, management, as well as training in research and development.

Through these actions, Jingdong provides the companies with the resources they need.

The approach has seemed very fruitful, since out of the 16 participants that had joined this initiative, 80 percent have been able to develop and successfully execute their AI based solutions in various Jingdong businesses. This means that the solutions are not only being used, but they are contributing to the operations growth of a large scale organization.

While this is good news for Jingdong from a productivity point of view, it also serves the firm’s larger purpose behind launching this program; which was to explore real world use cases that could expand the usage of AI in everyday life.

With this success of the program, Jingdong has announced that its second round of participants will include 17 startups.

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