The History of Richard Liu Qiangdong’s

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born in Suqian town, Jiangsu Province, China. His parents worked as coal shippers. They instilled in him the value of working hard, getting a good education and encouraged him to excel in all that he did. He attended primary and high school in his home town. He graduated from The People’s China University with a degree in sociology. Since the employment opportunities in the country were very competitive, he decided to widen his learning.

After graduation, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked in Japan Life. Japan Life is a large-scale supplier of natural supplements. He worked hard and made use of his knowledge education till he was promoted to Director of the firm’s computer department. He parted ways with Japan Life in 1998 with the aim of becoming an entrepreneur. Richard Liu Qiangdong opened up his first shop, a rented spacious retail, and named it China’s Technology Hub.

He made a sale of magneto-optical products. He specialized on offering exquisite customer service and relation, simple and easy transactions, and technology use with the goal of showcasing business ventures. Despite rough competition from vendors, Richard Liu Qiangdong outshined all other entrepreneurs by dealing with only authorized items. By then, China vendors were in the era of selling products that had depreciated in value, faux items.

This helped Richard Liu Qiangdong in distancing himself from the competition. He saw a business opportunity to start selling authenticated products of high retail quality. Five years into his own business, he had made a business empire bringing in massive profits. He renamed his business into JingDong. He rebuilt his retail store of magneto-optical with brick and mortar. Following the SARS outbreak in the country, a lot of small retail businesses were closed down.

Richard Liu Qiangdong changed his business model to selling online and renamed to 360Buy JingDong. These attracted a lot of customers. He worked hard to provide a perfect shopping platform which catered for the needs of the customers and guests. He later renamed his site to after forming business relationships with vendors who sold their products on his site.

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Mike Nierenberg shares New Residential’s plans for success

Recently, Mike Nierenberg the Chairman, CEO and President of New Residential Investment Corp. came out to announce the company plans for success. This announcement came right after the company finalized its acquisition deal of Shellpoint Partners. New Residential is today one of the best performing real estate investment trusts. In his announcement, Mike addressed the company’s expansion plan and its strategy to stay on top of its market.

The Shellpoint Partners acquisition

New Residential acquired Shellpoint in a deal worth $190 million. This acquisition is part of what Mike Nierenberg terms as his company’s expansion plan. Shellpoint Partners is a well-established mortgage vehicle that was founded in 2010 by Lewis Ranieri of Ranieri partners. This mortgage vehicle firm is made up of Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing and New Penn Financial. Avenue 365 and eStreet who deal with title management services and appraisal management are also part of this acquired company,

The CEO of the top-performing real estate investment trust said that this acquisition was a move to expand the company. He pointed out that now New Residential will be able to provide its clients with comprehensive services. These services will include title and settlement management and appraisal management which they weren’t able to before the acquisition. Mike Nierenberg went ahead to state that his company will be looking to provide more services in-house to its clients as time goes by.

Staying at the top

Making better investments has been a big part of New Residential’s success so far. Even with the massive success that the company has heard so far, it’s pretty hard to stay at the top in the current competitive market. It is for this reason that this real estate investment trust is looking at other ways to stay ahead of its competition. According to the company’s CEO, Mike Nierenberg they are looking at adopting revolutionary technology to achieve this. The innovative technology will play a big part in improving the company’s service delivery to its clients. New Residential clients will be served much faster and better once the new technologies are implemented. Additionally, the company is also looking to serve more clients through this technology.

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Sharon Prince Invites You to Connect With Nature

Grace Farms offers guests many programs at its Connecticut location free of charge. A visit gives you the opportunity to get closer to nature, experience the arts, or take in inspiration through its guest speakers and other visitors who also seek these incredibly engaging offerings. Not to be forgotten are the nature center, gym, chapel, and community garden. The 80 acres that make up Grace Farms are always ready to please with its lush settings during any time of the year. Warmer months provide activities such as catch-and-release fishing, hiking trails where you can take in the native flora and fauna, and other exploration programs both structured and unstructured.

Colder months are not lacking in activities. Fall weather opens the door to experience the magic of the changing foliage perfect for photography or a relaxing walk to get your mind off your busy day. You can even take in one of the tours offered that attempts to expose you and your loved ones to the science behind the transitions of autumn. More nature hikes are offered even as the air becomes much colder during winter. Visitors enjoy tracking animals in the fresh white powder while others enjoy the beautiful landscape for more photo-ops. Bird watching is also popular during these months because of the active birds of prey that make Grace Farms home.

Ms. Sharon Prince, founder of Grace Farms is busy with many different entrepreneurial business dealings. She is a married mother of three and for the most part, fills the shoes as acting executive director of the farm. She also holds an M.B.A. from The University of Tulsa.

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Edwin Miranda And The Tricks He Used To Become Successful

Life experiences have proved to us time and again just how much the power of performance can push the limits of human strengths and intelligence. The same can be said for Edwin Miranda who is the founder and current CEO of KOI IXS. KOI IXS is a performance-driven, full-service marketing agency to help brands move faster. Edwin Miranda’s company essentially works to help drive the global trends of global brands to a larger market share. The company does this by helping its clients to create meaningful customer engagement and also advises them on the best ways of acquiring new customers.

KOI IXS, led by Edwin Miranda, helps marketing companies to push their boundaries beyond what is possible. The marketing world is changing, and marketing and advertisement companies must keep up with the change to stay relevant. Edwin Miranda and his company work to fulfill its promise of delivering to its clients. Plus, the talented professional team that work behind the scene make all this possible. The company strives to ensure that every venture it partakes in is a success.

According to Edwin Miranda, attribution and predictive marketing are the two main trends that can drive bottom-line results to clients. Thanks to technological advancements, today, we can even use machine-learning technologies to help improve customer acquisition easily. Technology has also helped to boost customer growth which is what every marketing organization needs. KOI IXS helps make all this possible by predicting and attributing sales and results to outlets both online and offline. This helps the company have real-time data at all times which it can feed to its clients and team.

Edwin Miranda always stresses the idea of being bold and passionate about what you do. That is the only way of breaking your cocoon and making it in this industry. Smart people also make mistakes, and it is from these mistakes that they learn. That is the message that Miranda will always want to share with other aspiring marketers in industry.

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Neurocore Muscle Tech Products are Designed to Enhance your Workouts

Neurocore by Muscle Tech is an energy enhancement product for people who workout. This powered enhancement formula was created to provide people with maximal energy for their workout routines and their training regimens. Remember that people often need natural energy boosting substance that can help to improve their effectiveness in the gym, on the court and field and in the arena.

Neurocore was created in 2013 by Muscle Tech. The company realized that athletes and people that exercise sometimes need extra energy to get going. This powered enhancement formula provides this type of benefit. The substance contains ingredients such as beta-alanine and creatine. To know more about about the company click here.

Neurocore products are sold in different flavors and they can also be used for different purposes. Some of the products can help to boost a person’s muscle building productivity. Other products by Neurocore improve energy and the ability stay on task during your workout. Ultimately, Neurocore products help to boost energy levels, build muscle and improve stamina.

Deirdre Baggot Career in Bundled Payments

Deirdre Baggot career in the medical profession has been one of the most successful. Her excellent performance in school helped her climb the success ladder so fast, and this is why the medical professional commands so much respect. Deirdre is acknowledged by millions of people in the medical department for being the pioneer of bundled payments. People want to know how an ordinary woman came up with such a brilliant idea. Her story is always used to motivate other personalities in the society, especially women. Baggot teaches university students about bundled payments, and she has also written many publications about the same subject. The medical professional has been able to form great relationships with executives in the market. Many hospitals and healthcare companies are experiencing efficiency in their working places because they embraced the bundled payment introduced by Baggot Deirdre. Find out more about Deirdre at

For Deirdre Baggot, a typical day is filled with so many activities. The businesswoman has been working for the last fifteen years, and she has now understood how to balance her personal and professional life with so much ease. There are so many meetings to attend and calls to be received. She has however discovered the secret of putting a simple deadline to all her goals so that she can remain focused. Baggot writes down all the things she has to accomplish before the day ends, and she uses the list to remain one of the successful women leaders. To bring ideas in her business, the medical executives say that reading helps her a lot. Researching is also the secret to her numerous accomplishments. There are many people who depend on the knowledge shared by Deirdre Baggot through her publications. The books written by the executive are found all over the globe, and they have impacted the lives of millions of people.

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Stansberry Research Customer Care, Products and Services

Stansberry Research is a privately owned publishing company with its headquarters at Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The company was founded twenty years ago in 1999 by Porter Stansberry and was by then known as Stansberry and Associates Investment Research. The subscription-based publisher of software and financial information serves a wide range of investors around the globe.

The overall goal of Stansberry Research is to treat its customers well and to create a long term relation. In case of any eventuality where they cannot deliver as agreed, they inform their client in time and agree to part as friends. The business strives to see to it that it gives their client the information that they would also want to be given if the roles were to be reversed. The company only publishes analyst whose strategies and advice they would want their own families to read.

Stansberry  has a team of experienced analysts and editors led by the founder himself. Mr. Austin G. Root, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, Mr. Dan Ferris and Dr. David Eifrig Jr., M.D forms the team of able editors and executive who have distinct investment strategies. The firm avoids promoting a single, unified outlook of the market. It publishes based on multiple opinions and strategies. This approach preferred by the company is meant to ensure that it gives their work abroad opportunity for their subscribers. Stansberry Research provides consistently dependable, actionable, and benefiting advice, resulting in renewal income for the business. The company also believes in being transparent and accountable.

The firm offers a wide range of products and services. The total portfolio targets a reader who looks for a commitment to their future financials. It offers approximately 40 recommendations ranging from stock growths, riskier stock investments to market growth. The income portfolio is designed to produce extra revenue each month. Is has 20-30 recommendations ranging from revenue-producing stocks to fixed-income bonds. Stansberry Research capital portfolio has 20 of the top most conviction ideas. It consists of United States listed stocks and exchange-traded funds. The company also offers Macro- Level services that provide diverse advisory tips to their consumers to help them pick up a publication that would address their interest.

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The Secret of Rocketship Education’s Success.

Rocketship Education prides itself on classroom management, technology use, and intervention. These key points were addressed at the National Charter School Association Conference in 2016 that was held in Nashville, TN. After the conference NPR, National Public Radio, depicted a rather severe picture of Rocketship Education. NPR questioned the schools use of discipline, culture, and boundaries. NPR also questioned what kind of technology is best for certain children and what technology may be harmful to certain children. This lead to questions about Rocketship’s Education staffing and teacher qualifications.

In most schools technology is the core of education. While NPR raises some good questions about Rocketship Education. It is better to look at the bigger picture and be aware of the responsibility society has regarding to children’s education. Schools should address the population on what steps are being taken to ensure each individual child is getting an excellent education.

Rocketship Education, is a non-profit charter school system. A charter school receives government funding but operates outside of the established state school system that the school is located within. The first Rocketship school opened in 2007 in San Jose, California. To date, Rocketship Education has 21 schools in the United States. Rocketship Education uses online and classroom teaching in conjunction with small group tutoring. This is called a hybrid model of individualized learning. This form of learning is highly successful in helping students from low-income families breach the achievement gap.

Since 2016, Rocketship Education has launched several new programs for its students. QueenHype is one such program, it empowers girls through communication in art and activism. The school offers a media literacy program which teaches children how to use media wisely. In 2018, students with an Individualized Educational Plan advanced a year and a quarter in math and reading.

While NPR raised some serious questions and was rather harsh when it concerned Rocketship Education. In 207 Rocketship Education addressed these questions within the system and changed it’s name to Rocketship Public Schools. As a result, enrollment has doubled and is expected to be on rise for the 2019-20 year.

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The successful career of Bhanu Choudhrie

Born in 1978, Bhanu Choudhrie moved to the united states form his motherland India in the early 2000s. He has already made a name for himself through the notable achievements he has acquired through his career as an entrepreneur. The duo has also impacted the economy of the country through his profitable investments. He continues to build his knowledge on his field of specialization through research and innovation. As the executive director of the famous C&C Alpha Group, he has also created employment and helped people acquire better standards of living. Over the years, his career has continued to flourish thanks to the dedication and commitment he has shown.

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Bhanu Choudhrie has also impressed a considerable number of individuals through his ability to work according to his schedule. As a timekeeper, the duo has always ensured that he accomplishes all his pans of the day. He never hesitates to accept correction whenever he goes wrong, and his humility has also enabled him to build a strong relationship with other people, particularly his clients and employees. Besides, he has also exercised selflessness at the workplace, and the targets towards ensuring that all his workers are happy and comfortable at the workplace. The hard work he has put in his work has also enabled him to achieve most of his targets within his set time. He does not settle for less but instead works hard to identify tips that will help him boost his career. The notable developments he has brought in the firm have also been associated with his supportive nature as well as his ability to hold responsibility in everything he does.

On the other hand, Bhanu Choudhrie has also been recognized by many people and organizations for the notable developments he has brought. He was recently honored as the Asian entrepreneur of the year, and through it, he gained more motivation to keep moving and chasing his dreams despite the numerous challenges he goes through in the running of his business. Bhanu Choudhrie is an inspiration to many people, and he seeks to bring an impact in the lives of others through encouraging them and helping them identify their dreams.

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