Ara Chackerian Hopes To Change Depression Treatment With TMS Solutions

As an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, Ara Chackerian keeps up with the latest trends in the industry. One of the things that he has noted is an increased worry about access to healthcare even in first world countries. He began to ask himself what is causing this concern and looked into the issues that citizens in different areas were facing. When he got to the bottom of it, he determined that there just wasn’t enough funding to provide health care to everyone that needed it in the way that they wanted.


For many people, socialized healthcare appears to be the solution while those living in countries with it complain the wait to receive care is too long. Chakerian believes that eventually a solution will be found for health care, but it will take time. Each model of health care has its own benefits and problems and it’s about finding a proper balance to ensure people get the care that they need in a timely fashion.


As an investor and entrepreneur, Ara Chackerian lives a busy life but still finds time for philanthropy. During his pursuits in business, he focuses on making sure that his efforts are sustainable for the community and the environment. Before found TMS Health Solutions, he has co-founded multiple startups in the healthcare industry such as PipelineRx and BMC Diagnostics. He holds a bachelors degree in marketing from Florida State University.


Ara Chackerian and his newest business venture that focuses on a new type of psychiatric treatment known as transcranial magnetic stimulation are based out of San Franciso, California. The new venture known as TMS Health Solutions hopes to make the treatment that will be used alongside more traditional treatment options such as medication and psychotherapy more widely available to patients. The research on the treatment looks promising and patients are reporting impressive levels of success. To see more you can visit



He believes that this form of treatment could potentially help thousands of people with depression who are not seeing satisfactory benefits from medication. The model that he and his business partner have created puts the patients needs first. As of now, there are 7 facilities in the Bay Area with plans to open more. You can visit for more detials.


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