Discover How Vijay Eswaran Thrived In Business amid Economic Crisis

Most of the great people you will ever meet in life have started something that benefits others. It’s amazing to realize how selfless the most successful people like Vijay Eswaran are, and how well they think about others. As the chairman and founder of QI Group, Vijay Eswaran has proved it’s possible to raise your business or company from any level and make it what you want to see. The multi-business company he leads has created an immense presence in several sectors. Hospitality, education, financial services, retail, and direct selling are some of the sectors his company has impacted. This Malaysian businessman established QNET, a flagship subsidiary, in 1998.

The flagship subsidiary has now become a global company with its main offices in Europe, Australia, and United States. One significant achievement Vijay Eswaran has made through this subsidiary is merging the e-commerce model with the traditional sales methods. Vijay noted people had the power and access to direct sales, but it needed to be integrated with the global Internet. However, Vijay says the direct selling model had to be tested and tried before being used. He wanted it to be compatible with the emerging e-commerce platform before his clients could use it.

He looked for something to sell that would make them exceptional from the other businesses. He had discovered that precious metals and numismatics model were the best for them since the European market strategies had started to thrive. Vijay and his team participated in the Sydney 2000 Olympics in 1998 by selling commemorative coins. However, Vijay and his team didn’t compete effectively since they had no ample time to get familiar with the market space. This didn’t hinder them from being the 3rd sales-volume distributors among the 42 competing distributors.

Vijay says anything worth doing has challenges that encompass it. He said by the time he was venturing into this industry, Asia was in some economic crisis. The worst was that Vijay had no funding from anybody, family, or even connections to depend on or use. However, his conviction that life would one day get better wasn’t freezing. He succeeded later in a way he couldn’t explain. That’s when he discovered that just the way shadow and light are interwoven, challenges and success are interwoven.

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