Securus Technologies Creates Drone Technology Detection

Many correctional facilities began to reach out because more law enforcement personnel has been more reluctant to work in a correctional institute because the risk doesn’t outweigh the pay. Securus Technologies one of the top 3 inmate calling providers in the network, continues to exemplify secure calls with trademark surveillance and monitoring. They’ve continued to use the same technology used to monitor other networks under the approval of the state Public Utility Commission. Securus is a recognized inmate calling network used among over 346,000+ customers nationwide. Join the popular Securus Technologies inmate calling network on their web portal for exclusive features and services.


New Securus Technology; Drone Detection

Drone detection technology allows you to safely secure all facility from drones flying overhead. Their technology allows correctional officers to focus on the things that are important to the adult operations of a correctional facility. Their advanced technology will intercept a drone mid flight. They won’t need to i stall any technology in tube facility because Securus will access the drone detection device from their base headquarters. They’re currently testing the device at a few test facilities, but the technology has yet, to be released and is reported as useful technology.


Crime Prevention At Securus

Securus CEO, John Holt, says, crime often times, starts at the telecommunication level and proper crime prevention measures can help improve the safety of many high risk facilities. His crime prevention model is suppose to stop the threat of contraband by won estimated 36%. The reduction in necessary staff to reduce crime will also stop illegal inmate trading, gambling, and drugs, and alcohol. He has been able to successfully propose his crime prevention initiative to their stockholders and Securus partners. They’ve given their patrons the opportunity to report crimes directly on their website.


Securus Technologies; Preferred Services & Features

Inmate Email

Send an email to an inmate with a virtual stamp option available in bundles by Securus. The inmate email is as easy as a traditional email; you would ordinarily send to your friends, family, or business colleagues. You can also attach photos to your email and send photos and more.


Remote Visitation

Get the remote visitation option to avoid those very uncomfortable, but necessary facility searches. You can visit an inmate online for a small fee and a compatible device including your smartphone. You must also be a legal adult with a valid payment method to use the remote Securus Technologies feature.

Join the popular Securus Technologies network today and save money on your inmate calls. Thousands of customers have made the switch to Securus to stay connected over a trusted network that is also affordable.


Jeremy Goldstein is Bring a New View to the Law Field

Nowadays, when it comes to law issues you sometimes find yourself not knowing exactly who you can or cannot trust. This can especially be true if you have a serious law matter that you are trying to get help with. For this exact reason, Jeremy L. Goldstein strives every day to make sure that all of his clients know that their legal matters are in excellent hands. He knows that there is no better feeling than knowing that a client picks him to handle their cases for them. Learn more:


When Jeremy Goldstein first started out on his career path he never imagined how far it would take him. It was only a few years into his career that he began practicing in New York City. Goldstein was very grateful for this experience and it allowed him to learn even more within his field.


When Jeremy Goldstein first started working with a variety of clients he did not exactly know what to expect, however, he did know that he wanted to do the best job that he possibly could do. Once he had built up his experience working with a variety of clients he knew that it was finally time that he took the next leap in his career. At the time he did not exactly know what he wanted his next move to be but he knew that he wanted it to be something that would allow his career to continue growing. Finally a few years later he decided that he wanted to open up his very own law firm.


From the very beginning he knew that working his own firm would be hard work, however, he knew that it was all going to fully be worth it in the end. His law firm happened to of been called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. It is at his law firm that they believe in helping with being able to advise a large variety of clients. They state that through advising a variety of individuals this allows the law from to be able to help more people with their cases. This in return allows the firm to be able to grow their reputation even more. When Goldstein first started his career he never thought that he would end up with his own firm one day. However, he has shown many individuals that with hard work and dedication that anything is possible to achieve.

Dr. David Samadi, Prostate Cancer Surgeon

Cancer is among the list of diseases that have proven most difficult to cure in the medical world. However, with proper medical guidance and treatment, healing it proves not to be a challenge. Dr. David Samadi is one of the world’s famous prostate cancer doctors with tons of experience in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases like kidney, prostate and bladder cancer. Dr. David Samadi specializes in the advanced treatment of prostate cancer with the latest technological treatments.

He began his medical journey in the year 1994 when he studied for his masters in Urology. He later studied a postgraduate in proctology in 1996. From there, he began practicing and then over the years scaled the career ladder to become the highest paid doctor in the year 2012, across New York City. His groundbreaking work as the chair of the urology and robotic surgery is what put him on top of the list in his career.

With his accomplishments in the medical field, he can offer advice to people when it comes to health matters from health insurance, to how proposed legislation can affect the health industry among other topics. He provides his skilled advice as a guest on Fox News. However, what further put him in the limelight was his information on prostate cancer when famous politician was affected. The patient in question was Mitt Romney, a former presidential candidate for the Republicans.

During Mitt’s treatment period, Dr. David Samadi got to share a few insights about prostate cancer. The ideas of prostate cancer included facts like older men were likely to suffer from prostate cancer than younger men. He later went on to explain the right method of treating prostate cancer. A majority of patients are torn between the surgery option of treatment or radiation.

He gave the pros of each treatment and when a specific treatment would be better. However, for him, the best treatment method would be surgery over radiation. The main reason is that people who undergo radiotherapy are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer. He later went ahead to talk about the success of the surgery on former Republican presidential candidate.

Currently, Dr. David Samadi focuses his energy on informing men about prostate cancer. He gives them in-depth knowledge about the signs and treatment options available. The reason for his comprehensive knowledge campaign is due to the sudden increase of prostate cases across America.