Securus Technologies: Why Prisons Need Cell Phone Security Too

I stumbled across an article recently involving security that I found very interesting. The article focused on Securus Technologies, a company that provides a wide range of security technology, much of which to correctional facilities throughout North America. According to the article, thousands of Securus’ clients wrote in to site the company on how well the technology was performing. Many of the testimonials didn’t cite a specific instance that the technology worked, but simply stated how glad they were that they invested in Securus technology and what a great return on the investment they were seeing. In this day and age, one of the most important things any entity can invest in is technology. Whether it is for work or for protection, being up to date on the latest technology is critical for any entity to achieve its goals. The same is true for correctional facilities.


The most interesting testimonial I came across regarded how call monitoring technology was used to discover a smuggling ring inside of a correctional facility. It was found out that people were bringing in and selling both drugs and alcohol. Additionally, that testimonial shared that the call monitoring system also helped police solve a past incident of open gunfire as well as a civilian admitting that he was selling prescription drugs.


Another testimonial told the story of two brothers. One brother was being held on some type of charges and the other brother had never been convicted of a crime. The brother being charged was heard on a monitored call asking his brother to make up an alibi for him. The monitored phone call was able to be used as evidence in his trail to find him guilty of what he was being accused of. If the other brother had lied, he could have been convicted as an accessory.


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