What Does Town Residential Do?

Town Residential is a real estate agency that operates out of Manhattan. They have worked to become one of the best real estate agencies in the city and have seen a lot of growth in the three years that they have been on the real estate scene in the city. They have done this despite the trials that they have gone through and this has allowed them the chance to truly be able to flourish as an agency. It has given them the chance to see what it is like to be successful and to dedicate their time to their clients.


The residential side of Town Residential was the first thing that they focused their efforts on and the number one thing that continues to be a major part of their business model. They work hard to make sure that their clients are able to get what they want and that they find the right residential properties for them. They have been able to find some of the most sought-after properties in the city and they have delivered them to the clients that they serve. This has been a major help on the part of the agency and has allowed them to be extremely successful.


The business side of Town is as successful as the residential side and they are able to find their clients exactly what they are looking for in the business and commercial real estate sector. This has given them a great chance to be able to show off what they can do for businesses in the New York City and greater Manhattan areas.


When it comes to properties, Town feels as if anyone could be a client of theirs. They even work with land and building developers to help them find what they are looking for when it comes to the different portions of the development process. Town has connections in the industry that no other real estate company has and they are able to use these to help people who are looking for land to develop. This gives them a chance to show off what they have done and make even more connections with the great real estate advice that they help their land development clients with.


With everything that Town has to offer their clients, no matter what they are looking for, it is easy to see how they can be so successful. They have worked hard for the success that they currently have and they will stop at nothing to continue the success. Even though they have just recently opened their tenth office, they are still looking for more spaces that they can take over.

Josh Verne: How to Get Out Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

On knowledge for men’s website, Josh Verne is featured on his experience on how to succeed in life and business. He mentions that a person’s biggest obstacle can be oneself; himself included. It started with being the underdog, feeling as if life and the obstacles around are stacked against you.

You have to know who you are and how you operate. The question trapped inside the underdog’s mind is how do I get myself out of this trap, answer is finding a new perspective that helps avoid failure. One of the few things that Josh Verne mentions is “take the advice from people, just take it, but remember who you are and put all those pieces together”. Just because one person started a business one way doesn’t mean you can do the exact same thing; your journey isn’t meant to take that path. Your life, your journey, your path will take you where you need to but be willing to “pivot” when necessary.

He elaborates on if you hold yourself back because you are not only holding yourself back, but you will also hold others back. He mentions a business isn’t just a boss and its workers, but a team, a family. Josh Verne talks about being a leader and not being a boss. He recalls a time where his assistant, that he has had alongside him and his business for close to 20 years, came to him when they were beginning in the business world for help, for advice, and he told her that she needed to figure it out on her own.

With that, she did, but she expressed to him that it would have been more helpful if he could have given her actual help. Josh realized that a part of being successful is your team helps you grow, they are your support mechanism, so you have to engage yourself in that team.
Currently, Josh Verne is on his third business FlockU. It is an online platform for college life. It’s a place where students can go to “be free” in a sense. For a short time before FlockU, he owned an e-Commerce platform.

According to Bloomberg.com, his first business was a furniture store from his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. He stayed with this company for close to 20 years. The business started out as a small furniture store, then expanded to a wholesale distributor, and eventually grew into an international furniture store that made itself available throughout the US.

He mentioned briefly that is married and has two young girls. He was questioned, with where he is now in life and in business if he had the opportunity where would he take his family.

Find Josh Verne on Crunchbase to learn more.