Guilherme Paulus Discusses the Benefits of Online Presence for Tour and Hotel Companies

Guilherme Paulus is a common name in Brazil and Portuguese corridors. He is one of the most successful business people who have been able to transform both the tour and hotel industry in the Latin American country. Both CVC Operadora and CJP Hotels and Resorts are the leaders in their sector, which is a clear indication that Paulus has done some great work in pushing his companies to lead in their respective industries.

There have been a huge number of people who are still wondering how Guilherme Paulus was able to push his companies to the highest levels. According to Paulus, the online presence of a business is one of the most important factors. Every business person should focus on ensuring that they take their business online if they want to attract a huge number of customers and also remain relevant in an industry that keeps on changing.

According to Guilherme Paulus, one of the benefits of taking your business online is that it will be able to be seen by a huge number of potential clients. Many people operate tours and exotic hotels with no online presence. This is a difficult marketing strategy because exotic customers will not be able to see the business when they are looking for one — a considerable number of tourist focus on searching potential tour companies through online spaces.

Guilherme Paulus therefore, recommends that all tour companies should have an online presence if they want to attract clients from other countries around the world. Moreover, physical presence will not be enough to attract local tourists. Even the locals have moved to online platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Therefore, small tour companies that target locals Brazilians should focus on having an online presence.

Credibility is another factor that Guilherme Paulus notes that companies get when they start having an online presence. Companies with a website don’t have anything to hide. They provide all the necessary information that clients want to see. Therefore, for you to be successful in tour and hotel business, you must show people who you are and how you are better than other businesses in the same industry.


Article Title: Partners With Mineral Company San Miguel

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Jingdong Shengxian, better known as, has announced that it has partnered with citrus and mineral company San Miguel to start selling its products on its e-commerce platform. The partnership is set to further strengthen San Miguel’s presence across China. When it comes to e-commerce retailers in the region, there isn’t any bigger than; since being founded over a decade ago, it’s grown to become China’s largest online retailer with over 100 million active users. For, the partnership is just the first step in its Global Fruit Strategic Alliance campaign; the company has noted that this is aimed at improving the fruit and vegetable market in the region.

With that in mind, has partnered with a variety of other well-recognized fruit producers. Altogether there are 18 different companies signed up, with some of the most notable being Zespri and Wonderful Citrus. Having said that, the partnerships are set to be beneficial for all parties involved, with the positives including boosting business overall while encouraging healthy living among consumers. General Marketing Manager of Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division Wu Zhengzhi mentioned as much when he explained that the company was on a mission to get the world to eat better.

Zhengzhi also noted that it was a win-win situation, as both and its partners will see increased revenues over time. Furthermore, he also noted that the alliance would help bring them closer to their customers. Much of this is because has built up significant reputation for its engagement with customers while also exceeding their expectations. As such, the partnership with can bring tangible value to the business outside of the increased sales that they would see. Jingdong has always been known as an top innovative leader when it comes to developing cutting edge technologies to serve their customers’ needs better.

With this continual innovation and dedication to exceeding customer satisfaction, has grown to be the largest e-commerce retailer in China. Over the past decade, it has built up an active user base of over 100 million people and was recently estimated by Forbes to be worth over $11 billion.

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Article Title: Details On Richard Liu : Founder Of JD.Com

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There is business globalization and technological advancements almost everywhere today. In this way, retail physical infrastructure and the idea of creating a business that is sustainable is always changing with time. It is extremely hard for busy individuals to set time aside for shopping, hence there have been different advancements that allow streamlined, easy, swift and recent shopping solution. This has however has its own consequences such as, wasteful practices, environmental fall out and even unemployment whereby many people are at the risk of losing their jobs. There has been introduction of computers whereby someone can just make an order from the comfort of their homes and it will be delivered at their door step.

Companies are starting to discover the effects of these practices on the environment and are adding more effort to reduce it. This however might take time since not all companies are willing to change their ways. One of these companies that are dedicated into reducing environmental effects is JD.Com. This company was founded by Richard Liu who is also the Chief Executive Officer and he recently committed his company to embrace total transparency regarding its sustainable practices as well as environmental care.

About Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu attended Renmin University in China in the year 1996 where he attained a sociology degree. He spent most of his university life honing his knowledge in computer programming through freelance work. He also has a degree in EMBA and after graduation, he worked at health product company Japan Life. He was the director of business and computer as well as other roles.

He is the founder and CEO of which is amongst China’s largest companies offering e-commerce platforms and its estimated net worth by Forbes is around $7.3 billion. The company ensures it employs pope from all background giving them a chance to improve their standards of life. Richard Liu ensures his company creates environmentally friendly operations that will not cause harm to the environment. They also intend to set an example to the future generations so they can see the importance of taking care of the environment.

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A Look into The Expansion of The OSI Group

The sophistication and adoption of technology by companies in the food production and processing industry has made the food and processing industry highly competitive. Breaking even, expanding, and maintaining a client base in such a competitive sector requires experience and necessary expertise that can help a firm stay ahead of the curve. At the OSI Group, the production and processing of foods are centered around the client’s needs and preferences, and this is one of the reasons OSI has become a trusted brand across the world to the extent that it is McDonald’s leading supplier of food products.

The OSI Group has a deep understanding of its clients, their needs, the products, and the markets. The firm’s knowledge and success in the food production and processing industry did not happen overnight but has been taking place slowly over the past a hundred plus years. Investment pundits and experts state that the OSI Group is one of America’s most performing industries in America and abroad. OSI has been able to establish itself as a trusted provider of processed food products, and this is the firm’s secret to expanding and running outlets from several global locations.

Value addition to processed foods is at the center of OSI’s services to its clients. There has been a continuous and steady incline in demand for processed foods in different countries across the world. Given its experience and expertise in the food production and processing sector, the OSI Group is in the process of setting up new and advanced facilities so that they can increase their production of processed foods to meet the growing demand. The increase in capacity at OSI after the setting up of new facilities will allow the firm to be in a better position to offer value addition services to external clients.

Recently, OSI announced the completion of the construction of its mega facility in China something that the food industry and investment sectors are considering a significant milestone because China’s business policies make it closed to foreign investment. According to the executives at OSI, the firm’s success in China stems from an understanding of the native’s cultures, way of life, and the products they need.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Built The Largest Retail Business In China From Scratch

Richard Liu is a highly successful businessman and the founder of, the largest e-commerce company in China. Through his company, Richard Liu has amassed a net worth of more than 12 billion dollars and his company is worth more than 60 billion dollars as of 2018. has many huge corporations behind it as shareholders, including Tencent and Walmart.

Business wasn’t Richard Liu Qiangdong’s first course for a career when he started at Renmin University in China, instead, he earned a degree in sociology. By 1996, Richard Liu graduated and earned his degree, but he spent most of his time doing freelance work in programming. Rather than continue his studies off of his first degree in sociology, Richard Liu Qiangdong returned to school at the China Europe International Business School. Here, Richard Liu earned his EMBA and quickly took up a position at Japan Life, a company specialized in health products.

For two years, Richard Liu stuck with Japan Life, moving throughout different positions, but most importantly, he gained a wealth of knowledge and business experience. Richard then took this experience to start out on his own to be an entrepreneur and businessman under his own name. He started the company Jingdong, a magneto-optical business in the heart of China.

Business went well for Richard Liu at his first company, and within 5 years he had expanded twelvefold. In 2003, both a tragedy and blessing struck Richard and his business due to the SARS outbreak. WIth his business threatened, Richard Liu had to think outside the box and he decided to do away with physical shops altogether. In 2004, Richard Liu Qiangdong founded and began to focus entirely on e-commerce. Today, has hundreds of millions of customers per month with an enormous range of products to purchase, from electronics to the fine arts.

Liu Qiangdong: Twitter.

Things you need to know about Nicolas Krafft

L`Oreal firm is a leader in the fashion world. The venture has been in operation for a couple of years, and it seeks to promote the culture of people by bringing them together to showcase the latest trends of wear. The firm has launched a vast number of fashion shows in various parts of the world that have seen many people gain pride in the work they do. The tremendous victories of the company have been associated with its highly qualified executives that work tirelessly to ensure that each of their customers gets access to quality clothing and ornaments.

On the other hand, the company has also played a key role in fulfilling its critical strategies through the close monitoring that its leaders conduct. The leaders have been specially trained to overlook the operations of the company by identifying the key areas that each employee handles for the sake of the firm’s success. The continuous growth marked by the venture has prompted many other companies to take a review at their operational strategies. Besides, a considerable number of other leaders in various firms have also sought the counsel of the leaders of L’Oreal, to acquire and advance their management strategies. The leaders of the venture have gained pride in their abilities, and they have continued to work hard towards maintaining their excellent reputation.

Nicolas Krafft has also played his roles as an executive in the venture to help other employees achieve the common goal set in the company. The duo always ensures that he brings a new idea in the firm frequently to keep it ahead of its competitors. The duo has relied on the use of new tech to transform the company, and he has been highly amended for his bold moves. He believes that a company that does not use technology to facilitate their development barely achieves any progress and at some point, it may end up failing as a result of lack of innovation. Nicolas Krafft also mentors his employees to keep putting efforts to meet the goals of the company. He also guides them on what to do for the sake of the company’s success.

Article Title: The Engrossing Igor Cornelsen’s Professional Profile

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Igor Cornelsen has had a long life’s journey to becoming the esteemed investment advisor he is today. Through it all, he has at times to endure moments of inflection as he switched courses and careers as a result thereof. The exciting bit is how he has triumphantly risen over the ordeals to establish himself as a brand.

He was born in 1947 in Brazil. Just like any ordinary kid, he began his elementary education and tertiary education. From an early age, he has vivid shown interest in technical works and therefore got enrolled at the Federal University of Parana to pursue a degree course in engineering. This was not just a prestigious course at the time, but the school was equally highly regarded in the State of Parana. Life presented him with other pleasantries, and after graduating he choose to pursue a course in Economic, his new found passion. Igor Cornelsen graduated with honors in 1970 at the same institution.

Following this, he embarked on the long path along this profession at an investment bank. His ability to calculate complex compounded interest rates made him very resourceful. Sooner or later, Igor Cornelsen got appointed to the Multibanco Board of Directors; the Bank of America later acquired this institution.

About Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian elite member and a respected investment adviser. He has helped many struggling businesses and enterprises get up on their feet. His unique comprehension of the economy and trade, ability to enact effective business strategies, identify appropriate investments and guide on financing has made him be sought after, and his advisory relied upon even by the Brazilian government. Elsewhere, he has worked for the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, the Libra Bank PLC and managed some institutions and stocks. He currently lives in Sao Paulo with his family.

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Agera Energy Offers Affordable Energy Plans

Agera Energy is a leading retail supplier of electricity and natural gas. The company which was incorporated in 2014 provides service to sixteen states in the United States. Agera with yearly sales revenues of 530 million works closely with both residential and commercial customers.

The new CFO Mark Linzenbold, just joined Agera the summer of 2018. He previously worked at Direct Energy which is based in Texas. Mark has a successful past working with retail and wholesale energy products. He is well educated, graduated with honors and has experience in all aspects of finance and business management.

Agera Energy also has a new CEO who has been with the company since May of 2018. Geoffrey Duda worked at Liberty Energy. Geoff hopes to maintain the company’s foundation while at the same time help increase sales and growth.

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DonataMeirelles – Fashion Tips For 2019

This year will definitely bring numerous innovations. Some of the pieces are renewed from the past. Though fashion is repeating, some fashion details are extremely attractive that we cannot skip them. One of the pieces that attracted the attention of the fashion audience as well as fashion designers is a simple, but yet so original transparent purse.

This accessory amazes us with its simplicity and uniqueness, and as for fashion designers, they consider it a must-have item. The fact that these purses will be a true fashion hit in 2019, also confirmesDonataMeirelles – Brasil’s Vogue style director.

Transparent And Lovely

In some way of thinking, transparent things are usually undefined and vague. But, that definitely cannot be true when we recap the previous Louis Vuitton fashion show. That particular fashion event has again started the new era of transparent plastic purses. Small or big – plastic transparent purses have become the center of the fashion show, and it amazed those who were sitting in the first row. The famous beauty from Barbados, Rihanna was the first to make an appearance on a catwalk with this lovely, fluidly looking purse. And she was the one that made a total hit out of it. When we speak about the innovative fashion ideas, we must keep in mind that we must be ready to bet on those ideas, even before they become alive, and before these fashion products reach the warehouse shelves.

That was also confirmed by style director of Vogue Brazil – famous DonataMeirelles. Donata gave some of her very useful tips on how to use the transparent purse and what clothes should you combine it with.

What Do We See Looking At The See-Through Purse?

For DonataMeirelles, a see-through purse is nothing new when considering fashion details. This purse had its long-time fashion history and it was evolving throughout various fashion epochs. Donata loves this fashion piece because it can be made in all shapes and sizes. But, carrying this purse is not so simple as you might think at first. Every woman who carries such a purse must be extremely well organized. This purse allows you to show what you want to show – but also to hide what you need to hide. One of the main fashion rules we must follow when carrying this type of purses – is to be moderate. These purses look very effective themselves so we don’t have to crowd them with unnecessary stuff. However, they can also show off some nice looking detail such as a nice pen or an elegant personal agenda. As for your smartphone, it should be positioned with the screen faced down, so your personal messages do not become public property. Beware of the untidy purse!

This purse does not forgive such things, and you most certainly don’t want to keep the old papers or bus tickets in it.

As for the clothes combining, this purse is very thankful fashion piece, since you can combine it with almost anything. It will look great on you when wearing casual clothes, but it will surely give you an elegant and feminine touch when combined with the evening gowns.

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Article Title: How Did The Latest AI Initiative By Jingdong Pan Out? Here Are The Details

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Anyone who keeps up to date with technology would know just how important artificial intelligence (AI) has become in our everyday lives. No matter if someone is trying to type a text through speech while driving, or if they are automating their home, AI proves to be at the center of the most innovative technologies.

That is why, when large scale companies such as Chinese retail giant Jingdong ( delve into this technology, it is considered just another Tuesday in today’s day and age.

But seeing that AI is still in its formative years, the technology is still subject to many trials and errors. That is why, the interesting thing happens when such ventures pan out with glaringly positive results.

And that is what happened with the latest AI initiative by Jingdong.

How Jingdong Achieved Tremendous Results with Its AI Initiative

Jingdong and its many technological ventures are not hidden from anyone. Not only is the firm one of the largest users of drone delivery for commercial purposes, but its many automation initiatives have also made their presence known.

It continues on that path with AI, where it has invested time, efforts and funds into quite a few programs. One such program comes in the form of its Jingdong AI Accelerator, which is an investment and support initiative for AI-based tech firms and startups.

Launched in August 2018, the AI Accelerator provides funding and functional support to its participants. This means that in addition to being eligible to funding, selected companies could also benefit from support functions such as Jingdong APIs, existing algorithms, and databases.

But that’s not all, since Jingdong also ensures to provide mentorship and guidance through its several departments such as marketing, product, management, as well as training in research and development.

Through these actions, Jingdong provides the companies with the resources they need.

The approach has seemed very fruitful, since out of the 16 participants that had joined this initiative, 80 percent have been able to develop and successfully execute their AI based solutions in various Jingdong businesses. This means that the solutions are not only being used, but they are contributing to the operations growth of a large scale organization.

While this is good news for Jingdong from a productivity point of view, it also serves the firm’s larger purpose behind launching this program; which was to explore real world use cases that could expand the usage of AI in everyday life.

With this success of the program, Jingdong has announced that its second round of participants will include 17 startups.

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