Matthew Fleeger Helps Family Oil Business Grow

Matthew Fleeger is one of the big names in the Texan oil industry. As the Chief Executive Officer, Director, and President of Gulf Coast Western, he has been helping the company achieve a strong period of growth over the last few years. While he has found a lot of success in the oil industry, it is by far not the only industry that Matthew Fleeger has a corporate interest in. In addition to oil and gas, he has also worked in the tanning and medical waste industries. He has open 2 businesses that have become highly successful in their respective fields.

He earned his bachelors degree in Business Administration at Southern Methodist University in their school of business. The skills and talent that Matthew Fleeger shows as a corporate leader are respected by others around the world. Among the things that he values as a businessman are adaptability, open-mindedness, and resourcefulness. Recognizing the importance and value of every member of your team is something that is vital to the success of your business. It’s important to acknowledge the contributions that they make to the company. Over the years, he has worked with key players in their respective industries that have led to important partners and mentors.

Gulf Coast Western was founded by the father of Matthew Fleeger in 1970 and he had worked for the business when he was younger. When he returned to the company, he began working on helping the company grow by creating new partnerships and making acquisitions. When the company was first founded, it put most of his focus on local interests. Now, they have been expanding rapidly and how have operations and other activities in several states around the United States. Some of these include Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Colorado with plans to grow even more

Sheldon Lavin Has More Expansion Plans For OSI

In order to have a successful business, it’s important to make sure that you have the right team on board that will enable you to grow. This is something that Sheldon Lavin has been providing to OSI Industries for decades. When he first began his career with the company, they were much smaller than they are today and were known as Otto & Sons. It was named after the family that originally started the business as a meat market in the early 20th century. While they may have expanded around the globe, OSI is still headquartered where it all began in Chicago.

In fact, they recently just began producing more poultry products in the area by purchasing a plant that had been owned by Tyson. Sheldon Lavin began his career with OSI when they were in the planning phases of their first large scale production facility. It was opened where it all began in Chicago and Sheldon Lavin was one of the main people who helped the company get financing for the project. Since then, they have gone from just one facility to around 70. They have expanded well beyond Chicago as Sheldon Lavin has been able to help them along the way as they grew to do business in 17 countries and growing.

With the rate of expansion that they have been going at, it most likely won’t be long until that number goes up even more. One of the main events that led to the growth of OSI was a deal that was made with the eventual CEO of McDonald’s. As the company grew, they grew with them to ensure that they could meet their growing demands. To this day, they still have a close partnership and Sheldon Lavin enjoys being able to help others through the Ronald McDonald House. Through his philanthropy efforts, he is able to help give back to society and help those that need it most. He is happy to be able to make things easier on families as their children are going through treatments at hospitals across the United States. By not having to worry about housing during treatment, people are able to spend more time with their children.

Career Profile of Alec Sellem

Alec Sellem is one of the leading entrepreneurs and executives in the gold mining and refinement industry. He is the chief executive officer and founder of a company called Sellem Industries. His company specializes in mining for gold and refining it. As the leading executive and founder of a gold mining company, Sellem oversees all of the company operations. On a daily basis, he checks in with managers, supervises employees, and also looks to find ways to make the operations more efficient. Under his leadership, the company has been able to establish a work environment that is both safe and productive for everyone involved. With his expertise and leadership, Sellem has build his company into one of the leading mining organizations in the world.

Sellem has his company min in regions such as Sierra Leon and Senegal. His company Sellem Industries has successfully mined gold using bespoke methods at all of the locations that it has conducted its mining operations. With this approach, Sellem Industries has been able to maximize the efficacy and also establish a wholesome approach for the community. In recent years, Sellem and his company have improved the local economy. The company has helped increase job creation, offer additional employment opportunities and also improve the agricultural industry. Alec has also established a foundation which helps build schools to educate members of the local area as well.

A major part of the success of Alec Sellem has been his approach to running his business. Alec has been able to use his business acumen in order to get the best results for his company. He has set rigid guidelines and standards on how to run his company. Another one of his methods of making his company successful has been scaling resources. By using this approach, Alec Sellem has had the ability to consistently grow his company and expand it on a regular basis. This expansion has allowed him and his company to spread its influence on international markets in the mining industry. His leadership skills have also been quite solid and this has allowed him to be one of the most successful executives in the business world.

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Serge Belamant: A Creative Software Developer Whose Work Helped To Positively Change The Banking Industry

Serge Belamant is a software developer who is the original patent holder of blockchain technologies. He has been a part of the creation of multiple cryptocurrencies and has worked with many different banks to improve their efficiency. Belamant was born in France, but he moved to South Africa when he was younger. He took part in many different chess tournaments in the South African Chess school championship, where he was a representative for Southern Transvaal.

Serge Belamant studied at Witwatersrand University as well as the University of South Africa. He focused on information and computer systems during his college days and also learned about engineering. He started out his working life by serving with Matrix and helped to predict droughts by creating an application. He was later recognized as the analyst of the year in the early 1980s as a reward for all of his hard work.

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Serge Belamant helped to create the VIB network, some years later, which was eventually purchased by Volkskas. He also worked with Bancorp as a special consultant, where he looked into risk management. His hard work with the company paid off as he earned a full membership into the RSA computer society. Belamant later built a program that looked into companies to see how sustainable their practices actually are.

After working with Bancorp for some time, Serge Belamant made a move to SASWITCH, where he served as the head of its IT division. It was there that he helped to develop and roll out the SASWITCH system. After the banks decided to not implement the POS system he created, he made the decision to move on from SASWITCH in order to create his own company. This company was named Net1, and it was founded in 1989.

Serge Belamant worked with Visa through Net1 by creating an app for the company. He was the man who created the original chip technology that is now used in the credit and debit cards of today. His original creation helped to reduce fraud, and it opened many other doors for Belamant in his industry. He has continued to find success in all of his endeavors.

Source: Serge Belamant and the Birth of Blockchain Technology

The Effort Sheldon Lavin is making at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has gained the reputation because of the success that he has received at OSI Group. In the early 1970s, that’s when he was actively involved with the company. Currently, he offers his services to the company as the chief executive officer. Because of the skills that he has in leading the company to become the most excellent food providers in the world, has been the reason of his receiving so many accreditations. Sheldon has been with for 43 years, and through the years he has gained a lot of knowledge and skills.

At first, Sheldon Lavin started career being a financialist, but he had hopes that one day he would get his enterprise. Before he joined OSI Group, he worked at different executive companies in the United States. Over the years, he had risen the ranks to get his current position, and it all because of his dedication to offering the best in each position. Talented and passionate are the best words to describe Sheldon Lavin. He was the reason why McDonald transformed from being a food outlet to become the largest food providers, through the use of different approaches to get new customers. Besides being dedicated to his work, he loves to work with other people to understand their point of view. To improve the skills of his employees, he shares some of his ideas.

In any field of business to be successful, Sheldon Lavin believes that persistence is critical. He continually talks about how Rome was not built in a day, and so he strives hard for future success. The other thing, Sheldon always talks with successful entrepreneurs so that to learn more skills from them. Sheldon believes that to succeed then there must be teamwork. In the early days of him being with OSI Group, his success was noted early when he was assisting in the acquisition of different food branches in Australia, South Africa, and Japan. The company is internationally based, and they are striving each day to ensure they acquire various skills to maintain their reputation. Which has of been of help over the years they have been offering their services.

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Article Title: Steve Ritchie of Papa Johns Writes Letter to Reach Out to Customers

Article Text:

During 2018, Papa Johns dealt with some adversity due to the recent actions of its founder. The founder of Papa Johns John Schnatter said some things on a conference call that were deemed to be insensitive to racial minorities. With these remarks, both him and his company have received a considerable backlash. In response to this recent backlash, Papa Johns top executive Steve Ritchie made a statement in which he apologized for the founders conduct and has promised to regain a positive reputation among the public.

When looking to address the recent backlash of Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie will implement a plan that will likely help the company. One of the things that he has planned is to have experts of cultural diversity visit the company headquarters to examine its inclusion policies. Papa Johns is going to allow experts to oversee the company culture and make recommendations on how it can improve. This is an important step in allowing Papa Johns to prove to the public that it is accepting to people of all backgrounds.

Steve Ritchie also plans to visit a number of Papa Johns franchise locations along with other company executives. He will have conversations with franchise owners and their employees. During these conversations, he will look to get feedback from them on how Papa Johns can improve its standing in local communities.

When Steve Ritchie wrote this letter, he said that he wants customers and the public to hold Papa Johns accountable. This will help the company find out about its deficiencies and work towards correcting them. If Papa Johns corrects its deficiencies, it will emerge as a better company. Steve hopes that his new plan will enable Papa Johns to overcome the recent adversity that it has been dealing with over the past year.

A number of business insiders commended Ritchie for drafting this letter. They believe that he has reached out to Papa Johns customers and the public. With a well done letter, Steve has been able to address the concerns of the public and prove that Papa Johns is a company that accepts all members of the community.

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How Jeremy Goldstein has Thrived in the Legal Industry

Jeremy Goldstein is among the big names in the legal industry. The attorney has been practicing in New York for a very long time, and he has established a company that meets the needs of the people, especially those who are in the corporate world. Jeremy Goldstein has a team of professionals who focus on management teams, offering advice to company CEOs, compensation committees, compensation matters and any other issue that affects governance in the corporate world. The market can be very challenging for companies who are in their early stages. With an experienced executive in the legal industry, most companies have managed to conquer the market and end up successful. In his career in the competitive law, Jeremy Goldstein has been handling sensitive cases, ensuring that his customers get the best in the courts.


Although he is the founder of a very busy law firm, Jeremy Goldstein has been working with other companies too. His resume shows that he is currently one of the key figures in the American Bar Association Business Section. In the last decade, most of the big corporate businesses have benefited from the services offered by the lawyer. His academic qualifications have played a paramount role in ensuring that he delivers excellent results in all his services. The lawyer studied at the New York University and the Popular Cornell University. Later on in life, the lawyer got higher education from the prestigious University of Chicago.


More than a decade ago, Jeremy Goldstein realized that there was so much issues being discussed in the market about governance and the conflict of interests in executive compensation. There were many executive compensation consulting companies that were breaking because they could not handle the pressure. The lawyer decided to bring up a company that would focus on resolving the issues that were arising. JLG Associates was born from this simple thought, and it has helped many companies.


Jeremy Goldstein plans all his daily activities so that he can be productive at the end of the day. In his line of work, Jeremy Goldstein believes that there are no shortcuts, and he has to decide what is best for his customers before he can accept an offer. The businessman values his family, but he says that most of his time is spend in the office advising customers about their pay and many other important matters that affect their lives directly. Over the years, however, the lawyer has realized that he can remain productive at work and still spend time with family.


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Article Title: Brings New Zealands Apple And Kiwifruit To China

Article Text: is now offering apples and kiwifruits from New Zealand to Chinese consumers. The Chinese e-commerce giant recently forged reinforced partnerships with New Zealand market leaders Rockit Global Limited and Zespri. This latest move of JingDong or further widens its offerings in the field of fresh produce. has more than 300 million customers who are into purchasing imported produce. These customers prefer imported and high-quality kiwifruits and snack-sized apples from Rockit Global Limited and Zespri. According to the company’s data, the biggest share in terms of fruit sales accounted for fresh produce from abroad.

In addition, platform reveals that in 2018, the sales in this particular increased by 20 percent compared to its performance two years ago. Customers who prefer imported produce are middle-class and young with a strong conviction in maintaining good health and personal nutrition. Recently, the fruit exports of New Zealand to China have reached NZ$606 million.

In terms of sales, these produce from New Zealand increased by more than 8 percent last year. China is the top market in terms of imported kiwifruit. The kiwi industry supports around 18,000 jobs in New Zealand. This includes the 2,600 growers of kiwifruit.

In 2017, Zespri first established its flagship store in’s platform. Its recent move includes selling through’s online grocery store called 7FRESH. Zespri was able to capitalize on the global capabilities offered by one of the most advanced and largest online retailers in China.

Rockit Global Limited also forged a partnership with and launches an exclusive store in the company’s platform. Rockit apples are available to online and offline customers of This fresh produce was first introduced to the Chinese market during the start of New Zealand’s apple production season.

With the growing demand of Chinese consumers for fresh foods, or JingDong capitalizes on its international reach and excellence cold-chain logistics to ensure that the company only buys the highest quality fresh produce. China’s e-commerce titan, at present, sources products from more than 50 regions and countries. It offers over 110,000 fresh imported products to its customers.’s nationwide cold-chain logistics network is available to more than 300 cities in China.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Founder And The CEO Of The

Article Text:

Have you ever come across the word JD.Com? If yes, then you must have heard of the word Richard Liu Qiangdong. Well, this man commonly referred to as Liu Qiangdong has top unique qualities when it comes to doing business. He has rare characteristics when it comes to the management of a business.

He has managed to start and manage, one of the largest e-commerce platforms not only in China but also in the entire world. You know what? This business brings a great deal of money to his pocket every day. He has signed an agreement with other business such as Walmart not only to make more profit but also to ensure every interested customer is served in the right manner.

In the recent past, entered into a deal with companies such as Farfetch. The deal will bring immense benefits to both partners. One of the reasons why the CEO, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to enter into a deal with this company is because he felt it is the right way to get into the top fashion industry.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s passion for business started when he was a young man in college. Although he was a student of sociology at the University, he spent most of his time doing other things. He really wanted to learn more about computer programming skills. After completion of the undergraduate degree, Richard Liu Qiangdong enrolled for an EMBA degree.

After his studies, this gentleman decided to start physical shop in Beijing. However, he felt that the reward he was getting wasn’t enough for him. Also, he realized that the business wasn’t able to serve people from far countries. Therefore, he decided to venture into e-commerce, and this is how was born. The business expanded within a short time, and people from different sectors were wondering why Richard Liu Qiangdong managed to expand his businesses within a relatively short time. has also entered into an agreement with companies such as WeChat for a brighter future. The agreement was expected to be of benefit to both the parties as well as their customers. After this agreement, the became famous in the US and other parts of the world.

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Article Title: OSI Food Solutions Global Outreach Value

Article Text:

OSI Food Solutions keeps growing and developing its global reach and company value. What’s more, it looks like the only place it can go, is further up.

Currently, OSI Food Solutions has over 20,000 employees working in 65 facilities located in 17 countries. Yet this cross-global company started over 100 years ago with the vision and skill of just one man. It is now one of U.S.’s largest privately held companies.

In fact, you wouldn’t know it by looking at where they are now, but this global company started as a small meat market in the town of Oak Park, Illinois. The grand dreams of the meat market’s owner, Otto Kolschowsky, and his remarkable meats brought about relocation to a bigger market in a Chicago suburb.

This delectable meat market’s first name was, “Otto & Sons.” Otto & Son’s stellar reputation for some of the highest quality meat anywhere in the mid-west region contributed to its rapid growth, development, and one of the best historical partnerships ever recorded.

In 1955 Otto & Sons partnered with another Illinois entrepreneur by the name of Ray Kroc. Mr. Kroc was opening up a restaurant and needed a trustworthy and quality beef supplier. The restaurant’s name was McDonald’s. It didn’t take long for the two companies to start making history together!

After this brilliant and strategic partnership growth rapidly followed. By 1973 Otto & Sons opened their first processing meat plant. By 1975, Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Food Solutions.

During the 1990s, OSI Food Solutions kept making strategic partnerships which eventually gave them a global value-added food product empire. During the early 2000’s they began another expansion movement into India, China, Europe, and Australia.

OSI Food Solution’s prices are competitive because they are already a global player on the stage in the world’s food supply chain. The company continually and rigorously enforces food safety and product quality.

OSI Food Solutions global expansion is exceptional because they combine their small-town home values with an international flair. This gives them an added bonus of being able to perform effective research and development for their next strategic expansion market.

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